Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant, a grounds worker at Stephen F. Austin State University, is one of eight recipients of this year’s President’s Achievement Award.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas — When asked their top three favorite things about Stephen F. Austin State University, most people list “beautiful campus” as one. Bill Bryant, an SFA grounds worker and one of the eight recipients of this year’s President’s Achievement Award, helps ensure that top-three finish year after year.

Not one to toot his own horn, Bryant’s absence was excused by SFA President Dr. Steve Westbrook when the university’s Board of Regents recognized the first four award recipients during their January meeting.

“Bill said, ‘I don’t deserve this award. Give it to somebody else. My greatest reward is coming to work here every day,’” Westbrook said. “I think that exemplifies exactly why Bill Bryant deserves this award.”

The nominations submitted for Bryant repeatedly described him as “one of the hardest working people on campus.” They also said he takes great pride in his work, goes the extra mile in all weather conditions and even shows SFA visitors to their destinations when they get lost. 

“He simply focuses on doing everything he can do to support the university,” Westbrook added. “It is seen all over campus.”

One nomination said Bryant “never seeks any sort of acknowledgement or praise, but he certainly deserves it. He comes in over every holiday break just to make sure the little things are done, like the litter is picked up around campus.

“Watching him and working with him has taught me a lot about work ethic and the finesse of working well with people of drastically different viewpoints and dispositions.”

If you catch Bryant in action, he’ll brighten your day, according to another nomination. 

“He always greets people he encounters with a big smile on his face and with the most genuine welcome.”

The azaleas are blooming, so it’s time to take a stroll through campus and admire some of Bryant’s work.