NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Stephen F. Austin State University recognized faculty and staff for their years of service to the university during two installments of the 2023 Faculty and Staff Service Award ceremonies April 19 and 20, respectively. 

“The tireless work our faculty and staff put in every day for our university and its students is one of the things that makes this university great,” said Dr. Steve Westbrook, SFA president. “Their devotion and commitment to challenging the minds and changing the lives of our students is remarkable.”


Faculty members who were awarded Teaching Excellence Awards included Jeremy Becnel, College of Sciences and Mathematics; Ric Berry, Micky Elliott College of Fine Arts; Stephanie Jones, Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture; Robert McDermand, Nelson Rusche College of Business; Aaron Coy Moulton, College of Liberal and Applied Arts; Sarah Straub, James I. Perkins College of Education; and Jennifer Malmberg, Faculty Senate recipient.

Stephen Taaffe, College of Liberal and Applied Arts, was recognized as the 2022-23 Regents Scholar. Jeremy Stovall, Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture, received the Foundation Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching, and Deb Scott, Elliott College of Fine Arts, received the Foundation Faculty Achievement Award for Research and Creative Activity.

Ten-year award recipients included Justin Blount, Department of Business Communication and Legal Studies; Cheronda Brown, School of Social Work; Aryendra Chakravartty, Department of History; Vicki Ezelle-Thomas, Department of Education Studies; Eric Faulk, Department of Government; Tod Fish, School of Music; Ali Hachem, Department of Human Services and Educational Leadership; Karla Hamilton, Department of Education Studies; Gina Harden, Department of Management and Marketing; Scott Hutchens, Department of Psychology; William Nieberding, School of Art; Stacia Prince, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Susan Reily, Department of Education Studies; James Rowe, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science; Celina Serna, DeWitt School of Nursing; Mandy Seybold, Department of Languages, Cultures and Communication; Christina Sinclair, Perkins College of Education; Veronica Sjolander, School of Nursing; Robyn Whitehead, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science; and Tingting Xu, Department of Education Studies. 

Twenty-year award recipients included Della Connor, School of Nursing; Carlos Cuadra, Department of Languages, Cultures and Communication; Jennifer Dalmas, School of Music; Amy Durham, Department of Human Services and Educational Leadership; James Faucett, School of Music; Michael Janusa, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Darla O’Dwyer, School of Human Sciences; Evgeni Raychev, School of Music; Amanda Rudolph, Department of Education Studies; Scott Runnels, School of Art; and Kenneth Untiedt, Department of English and Creative Writing. 

Thirty-year award recipients included Nita Hudson, School of Music; James Van Kley, Department of Biology; and Hans Williams, Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture. 

Forty-year award recipients included Russell Nielson, Department of Earth Sciences and Geologic Resources; and Walter Trikosko, Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy.

William Arscott, School of Art, was recognized and awarded for 60 years of service. 

Faculty retirees include Parker Ballinger, Department of Economics and Finance; Leisha Bridwell, School of Human Sciences; Kenneth Farrish, Department of Environmental Science; Thomas Judson, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Leah Kahn, Department of Education Studies; Dee Kimbrough, School of Nursing; Jay Thornton, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science; Stephen Wagner, Department of Biology; Jerry Williams, Department of Anthropology, Geography and Sociology; Michelle Williams, Department of Education Studies; and Sherry Williford, Department of Mass Communication.


Staff members who were awarded the President’s Achievement Award included William “Bill” Bryant, Physical Plant Department; Kate Childress, Student Success Center; James Colwell, Physical Plant transportation; Chris Cotton, university archives; Kay Johnson, Procurement and Business Services; Cassandra Montesano, Department of Agriculture; Francisco Paco Morales, School of Music; and Kassondra Perry-Weaver, School of Nursing.
Ten-year recipients included Eleno Adame, University Police Department; Rosa Cabral, Physical Plant, custodial services; Rachel Clark, Student Publications/Divisional Media; Bradley Cobb, Physical Plant housing operations; Morgan Cortines, Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research; Wally Crittenden, SFA Athletics; Martha Cruz, Campus Recreation; Crystal Deckard, Perkins College of Education; Nesha Deckard, School of Human Sciences; Richard Dorsett, Physical Plant building maintenance; Robbie Goodrich, Elliott College of Fine Arts; Heather Hawkins, Perkins College of Education; Heather Howell, Division of Student Affairs; Ashley Johnson, Information Technology Services; Donna Matheny, Department of Anthropology, Geography and Sociology; Deanna McCollum, Perkins College of Education; Melanie Mercer, Perkins College of Education; Gilbert Miller, Physical Plant building maintenance; Molly Moody, Perkins College of Education; Beverly J. Morehouse, Office of Research and Graduate Studies; Agatha Moreland, Physical Plant housing operations; Susan Nolan, Office of Title IX; Ragan Philliber, SFA Charter School; Antonio Rangel, Physical Plant custodial services; Amanda Romig, Perkins College of Education; Rebecca Self, School of Nursing; Chassity Stegall, Physical Plant custodial services; Julie Stephens, College of Sciences and Mathematics; Richard Stobart, Physical Plant custodial services; Carrie Stover, Perkins College of Education; Tammi Thompson, Office of Financial Reporting; Lissy Turner, Office of Title IX; Jessica Waguespack, Dean of Students Office; and Wil Willoughby, Physical Plant building maintenance. 

Twenty-year award recipients included Sabrina Delaney, Office of the Registrar; Letitia Hamilton, Office of Financial Reporting; Jason Johnstone, Division of University Marketing Communications; Ronald King, School of Art; Kimberly Morris, Office of Admissions; Donna Shelton, Procurement and Business Services; and Lynn Shivers, Department of Management and Marketing.

Thirty-year award recipients included Joy Rhodes, Department of Government, and Janice Thorn, Physical Plant custodial services. 

Forty-year award recipients included Barbara Olds, Steen Library, and Carolyn Spears, Stone Fort Museum.