three students in Dr. Dan Li's art appreciation class at SFA and the functional art in the form of board game they created

Students in Dr. Dan Li’s art appreciation class at SFA created functional art in the form of board games using technology. Kenneth Mira, freshman nursing student from Fulshear; Maria Ciraiz, biology major from Mount Vernon; and Camila Ayona Rios, computer science major from Lufkin, were among the participants.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas – Students enrolled in Dr. Dan Li’s spring session of art appreciation at Stephen F. Austin State University experienced the innovative intersection of art and technology.

Li, visiting professor of art education in the School of Art, presented non-art majors with an opportunity to create contemporary functional art through board game design, facilitated by technology.

“Their latest endeavor aimed to foster a sense of belonging within ‘The Oldest Town in Texas,’” Li said.

Working either collaboratively or individually, students designed a series of board games, which served as engaging tools to introduce audiences to the traditional icons and historic buildings of Nacogdoches, Li explained.

“This innovative methodology strengthened their connection not only to Nacogdoches but also within the SFA community,” Li said.

The culmination of their efforts is on display in the SFA MakerSpace in Steen Library through May 7.

For more information about SFA’s art education program, visit the School of Art website or call (936) 468-4804.