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Get a taste of life in the courtroom

Are you considering law school? If so, SFA’s Moot Court Team is a great way to develop the critical legal research, reasoning and argumentation skills you’ll need as a law student. In fact, during the past six years, 100% of SFA Moot Court Team participants who have applied to law school have been accepted. 

Prepare and argue your case

As a member of SFA’s Moot Court Team, you’ll experience what it’s like to bring a case on appeal to a circuit court, state supreme court or to the U.S. Supreme Court. You and your teammates will take your fictional legal case through the entire judicial process:

  • Research and write an appellate brief for a case based on a contemporary legal issue
  • Participate in practice arguments and receive valuable feedback
  • Argue your case in front of a judge or a jury

Participating in mock trials will help you learn valuable skills, such as how to perform in a courtroom, communicate with judges and conduct legal research. You’ll also hone your writing and public speaking skills. Members of SFA’s Moot Court Team also have a unique opportunity to travel: Teams who do well at regional competitions in fall have the opportunity to travel to national competitions across the country.

Join the team

There are no prerequisite courses required to join SFA's Moot Court Team. Membership is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at SFA, regardless of major. Graduate students and undergraduates on academic probation are ineligible to participate in competitions.

To learn more, contact SFA Moot Court coaches Dr. Donald M. Gooch at or Dr. Charles Gregory at


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