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History degrees in action

Lumberjacks who study history have bright futures. Our graduates go on to become high school teachers and college professors. Some go on to graduate school. When you study history, the career possibilities are nearly limitless.

Want to know what history can do for your future? Check out what some of our graduates are doing with their history degrees.

Kendall Gay, Class of ‘17
Director, Texas Forestry Museum

Kendall Gay, Class of ‘17

Kendall earned a bachelor’s degree in history, but when she decided to pursue a career with the Texas Forestry Museum, she decided to enroll in SFA’s public history graduate program. Kendall’s graduate work gave her the skills needed for her current role as director of the Texas Forestry Museum

Kendall says the program’s volunteer component allowed her to experience the day-to-day responsibilities and the unique challenges – such as staffing and financial constraints – of working for a museum. Being able to volunteer in existing history establishments was one of Kendall’s most valuable experiences in the graduate program. 

Jake McAdams, Class of ‘13  
Regional Project Manager, Public Management, Inc. 

Jake McAdams

Jake earned his master’s degree in public history from SFA in 2013. He puts his education to great use as Public Management, Inc.’s regional project manager for the North Texas area, where he has managed infrastructure, housing and park projects worth more than $5 million since 2014. Jake says that his studies at SFA prepared him to deal with the confluence of the built, social and cultural environments, as well as how to solve small communities' problems. 



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