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SFA Computer Science Internships

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Intern with companies on the cutting edge

An internship is a critical part of your college experience at SFA, and the real-world experience you can gain will provide you with a competitive edge when beginning your career. We maintain strong ties with business and industry leaders to ensure that our students have valuable internship opportunities in a wide range of settings, from large multinational corporations to thriving local businesses. SFA computer science students have interned at GE, PepsiCo, Capital One and AIG, as well as local companies like Elliott Electric Supply.

The CSC 385 internship course can serve as an upper-level elective for computer science and computer information systems majors and can apply to information technology major requirements. Apply for the course through the internship director. While the department can provide information on available internships, students are responsible for obtaining a suitable position.

Find internship opportunities through networking with members of our Computer Science Advisory Council during their annual visit to campus.

Take a break from writing code to… write more code!

How do computer scientists relax after hours of working on the computer? By challenging themselves on the computer! SFA’s Computer Science Club hosts a combination of fun events like LAN gaming parties, movie nights, field trips, technology lectures and Q&A sessions. The computer science department also hosts a variety of activities and contests throughout the year.

Annual Computer Science Programming Contest

If coding is in your blood and you just can’t get enough, the department hosts an annual programming contest. Professors set out 10 problems with a three-hour time limit to see who can complete the most before time is up.

Contest guidelines:

  1. Teams will consist of three to four members.
  2. Each team member must be currently enrolled at SFA.
  3. Skill level will be divided into two categories, novice and expert. Problem sets consist of 10 problems of varying difficulty. Any team with a member who has completed CSC 241 (or transfer equivalent) with a C or better will be classified as an expert team.
  4. All programs must be written in C, C++ or Java. Programs may be written using an IDE environment, but all programs must be able to compile, link and execute on the Unix system.
  5. Any desired reference materials may be brought to the contest. This includes math books, computer books, etc.
  6. In each level, the team with the most problems solved will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the team with the lowest sum of completion times will be declared the winner.

Don’t have a team? Just sign up, and we’ll put you on a team. You might make lasting friendships, and there’s always plenty of prizes and food.

Don’t miss out! Be sure to join us.


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