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Labs and Technology

Computer Science lab

Research and Fieldwork

Computer labs and PCs

In the Department of Computer Science, you’ll have access to three classrooms used for instruction with 30 PCs each. Each PC is connected to the internet and equipped with the software you’ll need to complete your computer science coursework. You’ll also have access to university computing services as needed, including Linux, VMS and Sequel Server environments. All computer science classrooms are equipped with projection equipment for instructor-led lectures and student presentations.

Need a place to work? The Cole STEM Building houses a general lab that is staffed to provide assistance on homework.

During the academic year, larger classrooms around campus are used for teaching service courses to students in other majors.​

STEM Research and Learning Center

The STEM Research and Learning Center provides assistance and services to faculty and students. Faculty are provided opportunities to participate in STEM activities throughout the year, and students are often selected to assist with development and delivery of these activities. In addition, the STEM Research and Learning Center provides support for research, teaching and outreach services through funding and activities.

Cyber Security lab

The computer science cyber security lab houses several laptop PCs and an isolated server. This room serves as a classroom and lab exercise room for our cyber security courses. The lab is equipped with an isolated server designed to simulate real-world systems complete with flaws and vulnerabilities. This provides students with an opportunity to identify and fix vulnerabilities in a controlled environment.

For computer science graduate students, the cyber security lab is a place to test new ideas in an ever-changing world of technology. ​


Department of Computer Science

Physical Address:
Cole STEM Building
Suite 312

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13063, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962