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Students in our programs participate in multiple events hosted by the department, college, and university throughout the year. This includes video and board gaming parties, movie nights, field trips to our industrial partners, technology lectures and networking events. In addition, there are opportunities to get involved in programming competitions, our computer science club, and take on leadership roles in the student advisory board. In addition, every Fall there is a networking event with members of our Computer Science Advisory Council.

Computer Science Club

How do computer scientists relax after hours of working on the computer? By challenging themselves on the computer! SFA’s Computer Science Club hosts a combination of fun events and provides a welcoming community for all our majors. Recently, the club has been involved in creating and designing a classic arcade game machine that has retro and student-designed games.

Student Advisory Baord

Interested in leadership opportunities while at SFA? The Department’s Student Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of five undergraduate students majoring in one of our programs. The advisory board provides input and advice on decisions and initiatives that directly impact our department’s short and long-term goals. The board works closely with department leadership and our external partners. They also serve as a centralized voice for department students.

Annual Computer Science Programming Contest

If coding is in your blood and you just can’t get enough, the department hosts an annual programming contest. Professors set out 10 problems with a three-hour time limit to see who can complete the most before time is up.

Contest guidelines:

  1. Teams will consist of three to four members.
  2. Each team member must be currently enrolled at SFA.
  3. Skill level will be divided into two categories, novice and expert. Problem sets consist of 10 problems of varying difficulty. Any team with a member who has completed CSC 241 (or transfer equivalent) with a C or better will be classified as an expert team.
  4. All programs must be written in C, C++ or Java. Programs may be written using an IDE environment, but all programs must be able to compile, link and execute on the Unix system.
  5. Any desired reference materials may be brought to the contest. This includes math books, computer books, etc.
  6. In each level, the team with the most problems solved will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the team with the lowest sum of completion times will be declared the winner.

Don’t have a team? Just sign up, and we’ll put you on a team. You might make lasting friendships, and there’s always plenty of prizes and food.

Don’t miss out! Be sure to join us.


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