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Post Office

Post Office

Campus Services

You’ve Got Mail! 

SFA’s full-service post office is located in the basement of the Baker Pattillo Student Center and serves the student body, faculty and staff. Visit the post office to purchase postage, send and receive packages, and access other services.

Post Office Boxes 

ALL SFA students living on campus are automatically assigned an individual post office box when they enroll at the university. To view post office box information, including assigned box and combination, students should log into their mySFA account and select Campus Life / Other Information / Look Up Your PO Box Information. To close a post office box, select Look Up Your PO Box Information. 

Receiving Packages 

The SFA Post Office is where all campus mail and packages, including UPS and FedEx parcels, are delivered. When a package is delivered, a notification is sent to the recipient’s SFA email address. Students must present identification such as a student ID, driver’s license or passport at the counter when picking up a package. 


Payment for postal services must be made with cash or check. The SFA Post Office does not accept credit cards or debit cards. 

Other services 

  • Overnight letters 
  • Money Orders 
  • Small package shipping 
  • Campus mail 

Meet the Staff

Bobbie Stewart

Bobbie Stewart

Richard Chandler

Richard Chandler
Postal Clerk 

Kathyla Williams

Kathyla Williams
Postal Clerk


SFA Post Office

Hours of Operation
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays
Closed on weekends and federal holidays
Post Office boxes accessible 24 hours a day

Physical Address
222 Vista Drive
Baker Pattillo Student Center
Basement (accessible via stairs or elevator near Food Hall 1923)

Address Student Mail to
Student's Full Name
P.O. Box XXXXXX, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962