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Graphic Shop

SFA Graphic Shop located in the Baker Pattillo Student Center

Graphic Shop

The Graphic Shop prides itself on its customer satisfaction and offers services to all SFA faculty, staff, organizations and students to produce a variety of high-quality printed materials. See our design and standard services on this page.


We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Placing an order

Complete the Graphic Shop order form and send it to us via email, or bring a printed copy to our service desk in the Baker Pattillo Student Center, Room 1.208.

If you have questions, call us at 936.468.1301.

Official SFA projects

Design approval

University policy requires approval from University Marketing Communications of any publication that will be distributed off campus and publications distributed on campus to non-employee/student audiences. Before submitting your work for printing, please review the design and make corrections or any changes that should be addressed before final approval. A completed Design Approval Form must be filed with University Marketing Communications before a job is printed.

Stationery and business cards

All letterhead, envelopes and business cards must be printed by SFA’s Graphic Shop. It produces the official university stationery with the correct copy and layout design. Do not create university stationery without consulting either the Graphic Shop or University Marketing Communications. Do not print stationery on low-grade paper or with normal desktop printers or office copiers. (HOP policy 05-705)

For business card orders, complete the business card order form and submit it by email, or bring it to the Graphic Shop's service desk in the Baker Pattillo Student Center, Room 1.208.

Design services

For new custom design orders or corrections, we require a one-hour minimum. Cost and turn-around time estimates will vary according to the project's specifications. Please plan ahead and contact us to make an appointment for discussing your project needs if you would like us to produce a custom design.

With the installation of our Ricoh Pro L5160 large format printer, we have the ability to print large specialty jobs.

Contact the graphic and prepress supervisor, Jimmy McDaniel, for details.

Design fee

A $45-per-hour design fee applies to all custom jobs.

Rush fees

Rush fees, not to exceed $100, apply at the rate of 100% for same-day orders and 100% for notice of three days or less.

Standard Services

All orders are priced by measurement of the long side, where applicable.


$1.35 per inch


  • Standard: $1.50 per inch
  • Roll-up banners: $185 flat fee (includes design, print and carrying case)
    • Replacement material: $1.20 per inch

Binding (comb and coil)

QuantityPrice (each)

Business Cards

Download the business card order form.

QuantityPrice (single-sided)Price (double-sided)
One box (250 count)$30$45
One box (500 count)$45$60


2.25" diameter; minimum order: five buttons

QuantityPrice (each)

Canvas prints

$1.50 per inch

  • Three prints or less - minimum size 16 X 20
  • Four or more prints - minimum size 8.5 X 11

Copies and prints (letter and tabloid sizes)

Plain 20lb

SizePrice (B&W)Price (color)
8.5" x 11"15¢25¢
8.5" x 11" DS20¢45¢
11" x 17"25¢45¢
11" x 17" DS30¢85¢

Matte (cover)

SizePrice (B&W)Price (color)
8.5" x 11"25¢35¢
8.5" x 11" DS35¢55¢
11" x 17"60¢70¢
11" x 17" DS96¢$1.20

Gloss (cover)

SizePrice (B&W)Price (color)
8.5" x 11"25¢35¢
8.5" x 11" DS45¢55¢
11" x 17"65¢75¢
11" x 17" DS$1$1.40


QuantityTypePrice (one box)
One box#10 plain$130
One box#10 windowed$150


Cover sheets are free.

  • First page: $1
  • Each page after first page: 50¢

Fliers and brochures

Call for pricing.

Foamcore mounting

WhiteSmall (under 15" x 21")$10
BlackSmall (under 15" x 21")$10
WhiteLarge (under 30" x 42")$15
BlackLarge (under 30" x 42")$15
-X-large (40" x 60")$50

Gloss and matte posters

90¢ per inch


Call for pricing.


20¢ per inch


QuantityTypePrice (one box)Price (each additional box)
One box20 lb cotton$95$80
One box24 lb cotton$110$100

NCR carbonless forms

Call for pricing.


Call for pricing.


$2 per scan



Stamp typeSizeALE Price
1060.39" x 2.36"$10
1438.55" x 1.5"$10
1850.71" x 1.97"$15
2260.87" x 2.36"$20
27701.06" x 2.76"$25
40901.57" x 3.54"$30

Special order

Stamp typeSizeALE Price
1212.47" x .47"$10
2020.79" x .79"$10
1438.55" x 1.50"$10
30301.18" x 1.18"$15
34581.34" x 2.28"$20
40401.57" x 1.57"$20


  • One-hole refills: $1
  • Two-hole refills: $1.50
  • Three- and four-hole refills: $2
  • More than four holes: $2.75

Static cling (white/clear)

$1.10 per inch


For sticker sizes not shown in the following table, call or email for pricing.

All stickers larger than 11" x 17" are considered poster size and will be charged at 80¢ per inch to the longest measurement. No minimum quantity is required.

SizeMinimum quantityPrice (each)
2" x 2" 2025¢
3" x 3"1525¢
4" x 4"1035¢
5" x 5"1040¢
5.5" x 8.5"550¢
8.5" x 11"3$1.50
11" x 17"2$2.50

Vinyl prints

MaterialPrice (per inch)
Wall vinyl$1.20
Easy dot (clear/white)$1.60
Perforated window$1.60
US Cutter clear vinyl$2.10
Epson adhesive clear vinyl60¢

Yard signs

All sizes are 18" x 24".


At your service

Jimmy McDaniel

Jimmy McDaniel
Graphic Shop and ID Services Supervisor


Graphic Shop 

Hours of Operation
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays 

Physical Address
222 Vista Drive  
Baker Pattillo Student Center  
Room 1.207