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The Office of Research and Graduate Studies will pay for your poster to be printed at the Graphic Shop, but poster files must be created and delivered to the Graphic Shop located in the Baker Pattillo Student Center, Room 1.208 by March 31.  

Note: Graduate Research Conference directors will pick up all posters submitted to the Graphic Shop by this deadline and will have them ready for you at the conference. If you choose to produce the poster on your own, you will need to bring your poster with you the day of the conference

Instructions for creating and submitting your poster file

  1. Create your poster in PowerPoint (PPT file, or another compatible format). You have the option of starting with any of the sample files provided.  Colors, text, images and the positions of the text boxes can be changed to suit your project.
  2. Open your PowerPoint program, size the slide to 34”x48”. Save the file by using "your name_GRC" as the file name (e.g., "SarahSavoy_GRC"). 
  3. Double check the format:
    1. Close the file.
    2. Reopen the file and check the slide size. Make sure that it is 34”x48”. Your slide size must be remain 34”x48” or the resolution will be poor. This is found under the Design tab and Page Setup. 
  4. Please make sure the resolution of your imported images is between 300-600 DPI. If the resolution is in this range, your images should not turn out blurry. 
  5. If you are taking images from the internet, you must credit and include the website address below the image; otherwise, you are breaking copyright laws and the Graphic Shop cannot print your poster. 
  6. Convert your PowerPoint file to PDF or JPG file format, and submit it to the Graphic Shop by March 31. Please specify that your poster is for the GRC (Sarah Savoy) when submitting poster files via email or in-person. Files must be received by this date to ensure that the Graphic Shop has adequate time for production. If you have questions, contact the Graphic Shop at 936.468.1301.
  7. GRC directors will pick up posters and have them ready for you on the day of the conference.

Poster Design

Posters must be 48” wide and 34” tall (landscape) or 34” wide and 48” tall (portrait).

Posters depicted in portrait (34"x48") and landscape (48"x34") sizes
Poster size specifications are given in landscape (48"x34") and portrait (34"x48") formats.


General considerations

  • Tasteful use of color and images is encouraged. 
  • Try to envision your information aligning to an imaginary grid (columns and rows). Landscape or portrait is appropriate.
  • Remember to include your name, your faculty sponsor’s name and the title of your project in large print on your poster.

When creating your poster, consider text size and the amount of text on your poster. The audience will want to know:

  • How you developed your idea or question
  • How you explored or investigated your idea or question
  • What you found based on your research
  • How you applied your findings to your field and/or current literature

Questions or need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dr. Sarah Savoy.

For technical assistance in producing your poster, email

Poster examples are available for viewing on ScholarWorks.



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