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A Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. 

We are honored you have chosen or are considering SFA — an institution with a deep legacy and rich tradition of excellence — to pursue your graduate degree or certificate.

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies aims to provide a supportive environment that allows you to gain a mastery of your discipline and positively contribute to your field. You also will work with high-quality faculty members in settings to provide meaningful mentorship and professional development.  

The benefits to a graduate degree are seemingly endless. First, it can strengthen your knowledge and skills, making you more marketable to employers. Second, it can unlock better job opportunities, especially in roles that require advanced qualifications. Lastly, it connects you with professionals and peers, opening doors to valuable relationships that can shape your career.

If you’re interested in research, you will be exposed to countless advantages, such as cultivating problem-solving skills, contributing to knowledge in the field and fostering personal growth. Research not only develops analytical thinking essential for various careers but also allows students to innovate and positively shape their field. Additionally, undergraduate research enhances résumés and graduate school applications, showcasing a proactive approach to learning and a commitment to academic and intellectual pursuits.

Visit us for more information, and together, we can watch your educational journey flourish.

Dr. Forrest Lane
Dean of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies



Office of Research and Graduate Studies
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