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A Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at SFA! 

To our current students, in the next year or more, whether you are pursuing a certificate program or a master’s or doctoral degree, many of you will embark not only on taking coursework but also teaching classes or conducting research. Most of the time, you will have to work intensely.  It will be a challenge, no doubt, but I hope you will still find graduate school a fulfilling and valuable experience.

Graduate school is a place for learning advanced and specialized professional skills. I hope that you will take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that our over 40 graduate programs offer to develop your transferable skills. Get involved! In addition to activities that your individual department has, engage in service-learning activities by visiting the Involvement Center at SFA. Join an organization and collaborate with other student to develop your teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills.  Attend networking events, workshops, and career fairs; participate in mock interview and discussion sessions; meet with your faculty mentor and other professors often; and ask for feedback about your writing and public speaking to enhance your oral and written communication skills. With an accelerating rate of digital transformation, skills in digital technology are becoming imperative, so take advantage of and continuously look for opportunities to use technology in the classroom and research. Global and intercultural skills also bring value to the workplace, so check out the events that the Office of International Programs promotes that bring together U.S. and international students for conversations and cultural experience presentations. Finally, consider graduate school as a training ground to practice your future professional persona. I encourage you to enjoy this journey but do not forget to live a balanced life.

To our future graduate Lumberjacks, I encourage you to explore our graduate programs that are offered in six colleges with faculty that are committed to teaching, encouraging, and helping you succeed.  If you are looking for information that is not readily available on our website, the professionals at the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) are eager to help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Sheryll Jerez
Interim Dean of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies



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