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The discipline of printmaking incorporates historical and contemporary processes of graphic art reproduction. Artist/printmakers create original images in ink on paper by printing from a matrix such as an etched copper plate, or a carved wood block. The matrix allows the image to be printed multiple times and included in an edition. Prints aren't limited to the two-dimensional picture plane. They can be based in a variety of disciplines including drawing, design, photography and abstraction.

SFA's printmaking program offers a personalized mentoring. Small class sizes allow you space and attention to grow your skills and become a professional printmaker. Our engaged faculty will help you develop your individual voice as you learn techniques through the hands-on application of assigned work.

You'll learn the various processes, techniques and traditions of fine art printmaking, including:

  • relief (woodcut, linocut)
  • lithography
  • intaglio (etching, engraving)
  • screen printing
  • and book-arts.

As a student in this program, you'll develop critical thinking skills related the intricate processes and techniques specific to printmaking as well as the concepts and ideas tied to the practice.

A variety of tools at your fingertips

The lithography area of the printmaking studio is equipped with:

  • Takach floor model 26-by-48-inch press
  • Griffin floor model 27-by-45-inch press
  • catalog of stones, ranging from 8-by-10-inch to 24-by-36-inch
  • three graining sinks
  • and two overhead articulated vents.

The relief/intaglio presses include:

  • Takach 18-by-36-inch tabletop etching press
  • 28-by-48-inch floor model Sturges Etching press
  • and a 30-by-50-inch floor model Charles Brand Etching press.

The screen-printing equipment includes:

  • Four-station Riley Hopkins T-shirt carousel
  • and a one-station Riley Hopkins T-shirt press.

There is a darkroom with a Lawson 32-by-48-inch screen exposure unit, and you'll have access to a Nuarc metal halide exposure unit that can expose up to a 22-by-26-inch solar plate. We also have various plate, paper and board trimmers throughout the studio.

Which bachelor's degree is right for you?

Explore the two options below to learn more about the opportunities available based on your career goals.

Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a concentration in printmaking

This degree is appropriate for those students who seek a general course of study in art with minor study in another academic area. Examples of common minors outside the School of Art for art students include general business, marketing, mass communication and creative writing.

Learn more about curriculum requirements by visiting the program offering webpage on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in printmaking

Designed to prepare students for careers either as professional artists or advertising designers, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art degree is a professional degree program intended for students seeking more in-depth preparation. Studio art majors planning to continue their studies at the graduate level should generally take this program.

Learn more about curriculum requirements by visiting the program offering webpage on the Undergraduate Bulletin.


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