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We don't just study material. We sculpt it.

Sculpture comes in all shapes, sizes and materials — guaranteeing our students each have their own unique experiences in the sculpture program. No two processes are alike!

The sculpture curriculum provides students with a solid technical and conceptual background in the discipline, exposing you to a wide range of media and technical methods. You're encouraged to explore contemporary approaches, including mold making and casting, 3D printing, woodworking, welding, installation and performance, assemblage, digital visualization and building processes using various media.

Molding a career in sculpture

Sculpture students treat the studio as a laboratory for exploration into the boundaries of the discipline. Approaches to sculpture include material-, object-, and spatial-based practices, performance, interactive and digital-based media.

The coursework includes:

  • introduction to sculptural processes and materials
  • investigations in both traditional and contemporary approaches along with conceptual development
  • exploration of various casting materials and mold making methods including wax working, gating systems and finishing processes
  • acquiring a knowledge of installation and performance in a contemporary context
  • examining the relationship between 3D forms and space
  • basic construction methods and subtractive processes
  • and the opportunity to explore sculpture through your own independent study.

The tools for your success

The sculpture studio is equipped with the following machines and tools:

  • gas oxy-acetylene welding sets
  • MIG welder
  • TIG welder
  • plasma cutter
  • CNC router
  • diamond saw
  • electric kilns
  • wet belt sander
  • metal jump shear
  • hand metal roller
  • hand metal bender
  • and a bronze foundry (ceramic shell method).

Students also will have access to the School of Art wood shop, sculpture studio space, as well as hand and power tools.

Which bachelor's degree is right for you?

Explore the two options below to learn more about the opportunities available based on your career goals.

Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a concentration in sculpture

This degree is appropriate for those students who seek a general course of study in art with minor study in another academic area. Examples of common minors outside the School of Art for art students include general business, marketing, mass communication and creative writing.

Learn more about curriculum requirements by visiting the program offering webpage on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art with a concentration in sculpture

Designed to prepare students for careers either as professional artists or advertising designers, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art degree is a professional degree program intended for students seeking more in-depth preparation. Studio art majors planning to continue their studies at the graduate level should generally take this program.

Learn more about curriculum requirements by visiting the program offering webpage on the Undergraduate Bulletin.


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