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Blending tradition and technology

The photography program at SFA combines traditional darkroom practice with cutting-edge technology and well-equipped facilities. Students prepare for future careers in both fine art and commercial photography fields by developing technical, aesthetic and professional skills using a wide range of photographic tools. Course work is hands-on, with an emphasis on doing and making.

Developing your skills

Our photography students have the opportunity to explore traditional film and darkroom processes, as well as:

  • digital image capture and editing software
  • professional lighting
  • large-format view cameras
  • alternative print processes
  • aerial drone photography
  • 3D photogrammetry
  • and AI image creation.

Class projects are designed to stimulate creative thinking and image making to address issues of conceptual development, thematic and sequential images, appropriate photographic processes, and the impact of presentation and display. Course instruction focuses not only on print quality and technique, but also on design, composition and conceptual content.

Facilities and equipment

As a photography student, you'll have access to several facilities and equipment, including:

  • wet darkroom with 15 enlargers for black and white or color printing
  • two Jobo processors for black and white or color film processing
  • vintage Kreonite color processor for darkroom color printing
  • UV light units and printing frames for alternative processes
  • 4X5 monorail cameras and field cameras for large-format photography
  • digital classroom with 18 student work stations
  • home and classroom access to Adobe Creative Cloud programs
  • three large-format inkjet printers
  • large, well-equipped lighting studio
  • and drones for aerial photography, videography and photogrammetry.


Learn from your peers and professionals

In addition to in-class instruction, you'll have the opportunity to attend exhibitions and lectures by contemporary artists at the Cole Art Center @ The Old Opera House in downtown Nacogdoches and at the Adams Gallery on campus. The SFA Photo Club offers frequent activities, including peer workshops, field trips, photo contests and local exhibition opportunities.

Which bachelor's degree is right for you?

Explore the two options below to learn more about the opportunities available based on your career goals.

Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a concentration in photography

This degree is appropriate for those students who seek a general course of study in art with minor study in another academic area. Examples of common minors outside the School of Art for art students include general business, marketing, mass communication and creative writing.

Learn more about curriculum requirements by visiting the program offering webpage on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art with a concentration in photography

Designed to prepare students for careers either as professional artists or advertising designers, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art degree is a professional degree program intended for students seeking more in-depth preparation. Studio art majors planning to continue their studies at the graduate level should generally take this program.

Learn more about curriculum requirements by visiting the program offering webpage on the Undergraduate Bulletin.


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