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Disability Services Documentation Guidelines

Students who are requesting support services from the office of Disability Services at Stephen F. Austin State University are required to submit documentation to verify eligibility. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ADA Amendment Act of 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended) individuals with disabilities are guaranteed certain protections and rights of equal access to programs and services; thus, the documentation should indicate that the disability substantially limits some major life activity.

These guidelines apply to documentation for learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactive disorder, visual and hearing impairments, orthopedic/ mobility impairments, and other qualified disabilities as defined under Section 504 and the ADA.


All documentation should include the following elements:

*Professionals conducting assessments, rendering diagnoses, and making recommendations for appropriate accommodations must be qualified to do so. The name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator should be clearly stated in the documentation, including information about license or certification (e.g., licensed psychologist).


Recommendations for accommodations are based on the student’s self-report, history of accommodations, and relevant documentation. Accommodation needs can change over time and are not always identified through the initial diagnostic process. Conversely, a prior history of accommodation does not, in and of itself, warrant the provision of a similar accommodation. The diagnostic report should include specific recommendations for accommodations and an explanation as to why each accommodation is recommended. The evaluator should support recommendations with specific test results or clinical observations. The final determination for providing appropriate accommodations rests with the university.


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