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Resources for
Parents and
Expectant Parents


SFA strives to provide quality resources for our students, faculty and staff who are growing their families. We also are proud to offer a wide variety of family-friendly entertainment on our beautiful campus for parenting Lumberjacks and campus visitors.

The resources below are specifically for those who are expecting or parenting. Explore all categories that apply to you for the best experience on campus!

Expecting & parenting students

Juggling college life with the whirlwind of expecting a new child or parenting can feel overwhelming. Navigating deadlines, diapers and dreams can be challenging, and finding your footing between lectures and lullabies takes resilience, adaptability and unwavering determination. But you're not alone on this adventure. We've compiled a list of long-standing resources to help you find balance, support and maybe even a few moments of sanity along the way.

Quick links to the top four concerns voiced by expecting or parenting students:

Explore the resources below that are available to pregnant and parenting SFA students, and you'll find more helpful information in the Resources for All section. If you need assistance beyond what you find on this page, contact Dr. Veronica Beavers, SFA's pregnant and parenting student liaison, at

Rights and protections


HOP policy 04-128 details the ways in which SFA is committed to maintaining a learning environment that is free from discrimination of pregnant and parents students in accordance with state and federal laws.

Under Title IX, SFA provides equal educational opportunities for pregnant and parenting students. Visit the Office of Title IX’s Policy and Governance webpage for more information.

Pregnancies with complications

The Office of Disability Services offers help to students with pregnancy complications in locating services and assistance vital to continued academic success. Learn more about potential accommodations and documentation requirements on the Temporary Limiting Conditions webpage.

Participation in extracurricular activities

Title IX prohibits a school from excluding a pregnant student from any part of its educational program, including all extracurricular activities, such as school clubs, academic societies, honors programs, internships or sports. A pregnant student must also be eligible to hold leadership positions in these activities. Visit the Office of Title IX’s Policy and Governance webpage for more information.


SFA Athletics outlines the rights and protections of pregnant student athletes, expectations and when limitations may be placed on participation in the SFA Student-Athlete Handbook. To view full details of the athlete pregnancy policy and the most up-to-date information, go to, hover over "Inside Athletics" in the navigation options, and click on the "Student-Athlete Handbook" link.

Leave of absence from classes

If you need to take a leave of absence from your classes, contact the Dean of Students Office by emailing View HOP policy 04-128 for more details.

If you need to drop a course or withdraw from the university due to medical reasons that prevent you from completing the semester/term, submit a student medical appeal.

If you do not want to drop a course or withdraw, talk to your instructor(s) about receiving a withheld grade. Learn more about requesting a withheld grade. If you need assistance providing documentation to your instructor, contact Dr. Veronica Beavers, SFA's pregnant and parenting student liaison, at

Possible billing and financial aid consequences from taking leave

Whether you are eligible to receive a refund will depend on the method and date of withdraw or medical appeal. View the billing dates and deadlines and contact Student Business Services with any questions.

A change in your enrollment status may result in a reduction or cancellation of your financial assistance, including any exemptions and waivers applied to your account. More information regarding the possible consequences of dropping or withdrawing are available on the Office of the Registrar's How to Drop or Withdraw page and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship's Maintaining Aid page.

Returning to class

When it is time to consider returning to class after a leave of absence, contact Dr. Veronica Beavers, SFA's pregnant and parenting student liaison, at for details specific to your situation.

Leave of absence from on-campus employment

If you're a student employee and need to take a leave of absence from your on-campus job, meet with your supervisor.

You also can contact Dr. Veronica Beavers, SFA's pregnant and parenting student liaison, at if you need to talk to someone.


Pregnant students who are currently living on campus, under 21 years of age and with less than 60 semester hours will continue to live in their residence hall for the duration of the pregnancy.

SFA does not offer family housing. Parenting students under 21 years of age and with less than 60 semester hours are eligible to apply for an off-campus permit if they have custody of a child. Visit Residence Life's Off-Campus Living webpage for documentation requirements and how to apply for the permit.


The Lumberjack Wellness Network connects you to offices and iCare ambassadors based on the concern you may have.

Counseling Services

As part of the Health and Wellness Hub, Counseling Services offers free, confidential services to students. They also provide self-help resources, including free virtual care options.

Help with food or baby necessities

The Lumberjack Pantry is just one method in which SFA students can receive assistance with food and baby necessities.

Student Outreach and Support serves to connect you with resources, services and programs to meet your needs.

Early access to course registration

Students who are the parent or legal guardian of someone younger than 18 years old could be eligible for priority registration. View details on registering for classes as a parenting student.

Expecting & parenting employees

Lumberjack Education Assistance Program participants are eligible to also use student resources.

Workplace accommodations

SFA faculty and staff who require workplace accommodations related to pregnancy or parenting should contact Human Resources.

Taking leave

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, eligible employees may take 12 work-weeks of leave in a 12-month period. Full details, as well as other leave options and your rights within university policy and state/federal law, can be found on Human Resources' Leave webpage.


SFA employees are provided access to free confidential counseling services:

  • The Employee Assistance Program offers several services, including counseling with a licensed mental health professional.

  • MDLIVE, available through your health insurance, offers free virtual appointments with counselors and psychiatrists.

Explore the Resources for All section for more.

Resources for all

Childcare and grade-school



Child Care Regulation, under the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, issues permits and monitors daycare centers and residential child care services. Use the THHS child care search portal to view local options that might fit your family's need.


The Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce offers a list of local schools for children in kindergarten and older.



The Early Childhood Laboratory is an accredited Texas Rising Star childcare facility. View the ECHL Admission Process webpage for details on how to apply for a spot on their waitlist. Priority is given to siblings, followed by children of full-time SFA employees. View ECHL tuition rates.


SFA Charter School is an accredited K-5 public charter school under the Texas Education Agency. Students are offered an invitation to enroll through a lottery process. View the SFA Charter School Admission Process webpage for details on how to apply for their lottery enrollment. There is no tuition cost to attend the SFA Charter School; however, families are required to participate in the lunch program, for which there is a fee.

SFA does not offer free or guaranteed childcare for students or employees.

Parking permit for expectant mothers

Parking Services offers temporary parking solutions for expectant mothers who already have a current student or faculty/staff parking permit. View details regarding the expectant mother parking permit.

Lactation rooms

While several buildings around campus may be able to accommodate your needs, there also are dedicated lactation rooms in the following locations:

For more family-friendly amenities, view the interactive map of family-friendly restrooms around campus.

Family-friendly restrooms

To locate diaper-changing tables, restrooms with multipurpose counters and gender-neutral restrooms, view the interactive map of family-friendly restrooms around campus.

Health services for children

Offered through the James I. Perkins College of Education, these on-campus services are open to the public at a low cost. As training facilities, services are performed by graduate students in supervised clinical settings.

Cole Audiology Lab

A full-service audiology facility, the Cole Audiology Lab is dedicated to serving the hearing health care needs of the residents of East Texas. 

Stanley Center for Speech and Language Disorders

Under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist, graduate students in the Stanley Center for Speech and Language Disorders perform on-site speech and language evaluations, and work with clients of all ages to assess, diagnose and treat various communication disorders.

Counseling Clinic

Open to the public, the Counseling Clinic provides services to children, adolescents and adults. Tailored to meet the patient’s needs, counselors address internal and external stressors with a focus on independent, productive living and mental wellness.