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Release of Grades

If you've signed up to receive JackTexts, you'll be notified by text when a grade has been posted to your transcript and is available to view. For further instructions on viewing grades, check out our walkthrough guide on checking grades through mySFA (PDF). If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to view your transcript online.

Concerned about a missing grade?

Check with the instructor or with the department in which the class was offered.

Grading system

Letter grades

Each letter grade holds a quality point value that is used to determine a student’s GPA.

Nonletter grade designations

There are several other grade designations that hold no quality point value but instead describe a special situation, such as a student withdrew from, dropped or quit a course.

Grade Description Quality Points per
Semester Hour
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Passing 1
F Failure 0
WF Withdrew Failing 0
QF Quit Failing 0
P Passing N/A
WP Withdrew Passing N/A
WH Incomplete/Withheld N/A
W Dropped or Withdrew: No Grade N/A
W6 Dropped: No Grade, Counts for 6-drop N/A
R* Remedial Class Grade N/A
T* Transfer Class Grade N/A
K* Study Abroad N/A

Note: For other important information regarding grades, understand your transcript and review HOP policy 02-206.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act laws prevent the Office of the Registrar from discussing your grades or GPA over the phone with anyone, including you.

To view your grades or have them mailed, visit our Unofficial Transcripts page.

Grade changes

Initiated by the instructor, changing grades requires approval from the department chair and dean before reaching the registrar's office to update your student record. Due to the nature of this process, we cannot offer an estimated time for a change to occur. At any point in the process, grade changes may be denied.

Formal process of appealing final course grade

You may appeal a final course grade if it can be demonstrated that your instructor didn't adhere to stated procedures or standards, or if there is an other compelling reason to change the grade. Read HOP policy 04-109 (PDF) for details on criteria and steps to proceed with this route.

Incomplete/Withheld Grades

At the discretion of the instructor and with the approval of the academic unit head, a grade of WH will be assigned only if the student cannot complete the course work because of unavoidable circumstances. Students must complete the work by the deadline set by the instructor, not to exceed one calendar year from the end of the semester in which they receive a WH, or the grade automatically becomes an F, except as allowed through policy.

If students register for the same course in future semesters, the WH will automatically become an F and will be counted as a repeated course for the purpose of computing the grade point average. Read HOP policy 02-206 (PDF) for full details.


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