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To comply with federal regulations, the university requires faculty members submit an official attendance roster for each course. Rosters are available to faculty members two days after the official reporting day. The Office of the Registrar sends emails to academic department chairs and instructors each term, notifying you of the submission window and deadline. View and submit your official attendance roster in SFA's Self-Service Banner system.

Faculty Guide: Official Attendance Roster (PDF)

Attendance: defined

Attendance can be defined by:

  • physical attendance
  • participation in an academically related activity, such as:
    • submission of an assignment or exam
    • participation in group or online discussion

Instructors may use key assessment points, such as projects, papers, discussions, etc., as benchmarks for participation.

"Never Attended"

Federal laws for financial aid dictate any student who is not attending class will not receive financial aid. In order to comply, students marked as "Never Attended" will be dropped from the class and their financial aid altered. Students who are marked as "Never Attended" and do not receive a federal financial aid will not be dropped.

Re-verifying enrollment

If a student is incorrectly marked as "Never Attended" on your official attendance roster, they may request that you re-verify enrollment. This can be done by selecting the "Attendance Re-Verification" link, located in SFA's Self-Service Banner system.

Re-verify enrollment guide (PDF)

2023-24 roster dates

Note: Dates are subject to change.

Summer 2024 roster dates

 OpensDue Before
MaymesterMay 205 p.m., May 22
Full SummerJune 105 p.m., June 14
Summer IJune 105 p.m., June 14
Summer IIJuly 155 p.m., July 19

Fall 2024 roster dates

 OpensDue Before
Full FallSept. 125 p.m., Sept. 18
Fall ISept. 125 p.m., Sept. 18
Fall IIOct. 295 p.m., Nov. 4

Keep in mind you are submitting official documents that contain campus ID numbers; therefore, the process should not be delegated to a student worker. Academic department chairs are responsible for ensuring faculty members submit their official attendance rosters in a timely manner and before the deadline.

We highly recommend each academic department has at least one staff member available to contact faculty members during the roster submission window, especially on the day they are due. 

Integrity and retention

Standardization of reporting is necessary to ensure the accuracy and integrity of this data. Official attendance rosters are used as evidence in determining conclusions to discrepancies and appeals made by students.

Official attendance rosters are kept on file in the registrar's office and may be reviewed by SFA's Department of Audit Services, state auditors or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. 

Access to Class Lists

Class lists allow authorized users to view the students' names, campus ID numbers and email addresses. These lists are not official attendance rosters.

Faculty member access

Available in SFA's Self-Service Banner system through on mySFA, faculty members have access to view class lists of their own course sections. Once you are in the Self-Service Banner:

  1. Select the “Faculty Services” tab.
  2. Click the “Class List” link.

Administrator Access

Class lists, first class day and official attendance rosters are available for administrators to download and save or print hardcopies via Web Focus reports.

The following is a list of different reports available:

  • sre900_ORD_errors: This report may be used to find the rosters not yet submitted by faculty members for a single term. This may be filtered by department. We recommend the following parameters: Not submitted, All, Term, Department, Excel 2007. Check "Run in New Window."
  • sre130_class_list_prod: This report may be used to find a list of enrolled students by assigned faculty, CRN or department. This list also includes student email addresses.
  • sre070_1st_class_day_rosters: This report may be used to print or view first class day rosters.
  • sre073_ord_rosters: This report may be used to print or view official attendance rosters.


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