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Academic department chairs are responsible for ensuring faculty members submit their grade entries in a timely manner and before the deadline. The Office of the Registrar sends emails to academic department chairs and instructors, notifying you of the upcoming grade entry deadline.

Grade entry dates

Note: Dates are subject to change.

Spring 2024

 OpensDue Before
Full SpringMarch 18Noon, March 22
Spring IFeb. 12Noon, Feb. 15
Spring IIApril 15Noon, April 18
 OpensDue Before
Full SpringMay 6Noon, May 14
Spring IMarch 6Noon, March 8
Spring IIMay 8Noon, May 14

Summer 2024

 OpensDue Before
MaymesterMay 29Noon, May 31
Summer IJuly 5Noon, July 9
Summer IIAug. 7Noon, Aug. 12
Full SummerAug. 7Noon, Aug. 12

Fall 2024

 OpensDue Before
Full FallOct. 11Noon, Oct. 17
Fall ISept. 11Noon, Sept. 16
Fall IINov. 13Noon, Nov. 18
 OpensDue Before
Full FallDec. 9Noon, Dec. 17
Fall IOct. 11Noon, Oct. 15
Fall IIDec. 11Noon, Dec. 17

Access and guides

For midterm and final grades, reporting requirements vary. Explore the tabs below for appropriate guidance.


Instructors will receive access to enter grades into the student records database before the last day to drop courses.

HOP policy 02-206 (PDF) requires midterm grades are entered for all 0000-level, 1000-level and 2000-level courses during the fall and spring terms.

Midterm Grade Entry Guide (PDF)


Instructors will receive access to enter grades into the student records database on the first day of final exams.

Read HOP policy 02-206 (PDF) for additional requirements of final grade reporting.

Final Grade Entry Guide (PDF)

Awarding grades

Letter grades

Grade Description
A Excellent
B Good
C Average
D Passing
F Failure

Non-letter grade designations

There are several other grade designations that describe a special situation, such as a student withdrew from, dropped or quit a course.

Grade Description
AU Approved Audit
Registrar's office has an approved request to audit course on file from the student.
P Passing
Used only with courses classified or flagged as being pass/fail.
QF Quit Fail
Option available for final grades only. Student stopped attending and didn't officially withdraw from SFA.
R* Remedial
Used by instructors of remedial courses.
WH Incomplete/Withheld
Option available for final grades only. Student must complete assigned work within specified time (up to one year). After one year, the WH is changed to an F.

Grade changes

Due to the nature of this process, we cannot offer an estimated time for a change to occur. At any point in the process, grade changes may be denied.

Grade changes within three semesters of the original posting should be entered into the online grade change system. Older grade changes require submission of a Grade Change Form with the appropriate approval signatures. During grading cycles, access to the online grade change system for the current semester is suspended until 19 days after the last day of finals. Grades should only be changed in cases of error or, in the case of WH, when the course requirements have been completed. Read HOP policy 02-206 (PDF) for full details.

As a course instructor, if you need to initiate a grade change and three semesters have not yet passed:

  1. Log in to SFA's Self-Service Banner system through on mySFA.
  2. Select the “Faculty” tab.
  3. Click the “Grade Change” link.

Once submitted, the document will proceed through the process of approvals by your department chair and college dean. Online grade changes are updated automatically via an overnight process, occurring the evening the change is approved by your dean.

Unable to submit grade change online?

If the timeframe to submit a grade change online has passed, you will need to initiate the change by using a grade change form. This form is not available online; you must contact your department staff for access.

Once you've completed the paper form, your department chair and college dean must approve, sign and send the document to the registrar’s office. Upon receipt, the registrar's office will manually update the student's online record.


Crystal Manchack
Senior Student Records Specialist - Transcripts


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