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A transcript is an official record of a student's entire tenure at SFA. It reflects all coursework and grades per term and academic status is considered "good" with eligibility to return unless noted.

Students first enrolled fall 1995 - present will have a computer-generated transcript.

Course numbering system

SFA courses taken fall 2020 and later follow the Texas Common Core Number System of a four-digit subject prefix and four-digit course number.

The academic level is indicated by the first digit in the course number:

  • 1000 level: Freshman or first-year courses
  • 2000 level: Sophomore or second-year courses
  • 3000 level: Junior or third-year courses
  • 4000 level: Senior or fourth-year courses
  • 5000 level: Graduate courses
  • 6000 level: Doctoral courses

Prior to fall 2020, courses were assigned a three-digit subject prefix and three-digit course number. The course number followed the same academic-level designations.

Graduate transcript with undergraduate-level courses:

Prior to fall 2010, certain 400-level courses would be approved for graduate-level credit and therefore may appear on the graduate transcript. Additionally, certain other undergraduate-level courses may appear on the graduate transcript with zero-attempted and zero-earned hours.

Grade information

Course Grades

Information concerning grades, their description and quality points is available in HOP policy 02-206 (PDF). Term and cumulative totals are shown at the end of each term.


  • Attempted Hours (AHRS): All attempted hours, including transfer hours and remedial hours.
  • Earned Hours (EHRS): All earned hours, including transfer work but excluding remedial hours.
  • Quality Hours (GPAHRS): All quality hours used to compute GPA. Excludes pass hours, remedial hours and hours transferred from other institutions.
  • Quality Points (QPTS): Total quality points earned from QHRS.
  • GPA: QPTS earned at SFA divided by QHRS.

Repeat Grades

View: Repeating Courses

Academic distinction

SFA Honor Roll

Degree-seeking undergraduate students are recognized when they earn at least 12 quality hours during the fall or spring term, as well as the following term GPA:

  • President's List: 4.0
  • Dean's List: 3.5 to 3.999

Latin Honors and University Scholar distinction

  • Summa cum laude
  • Magna cum laude
  • Cum laude
  • University Scholar

There are specific semester hour and GPA requirements for students receiving a bachelor's degree with honors or distinction.

View: Honors and Distinction webpage

Academic Standing

A student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to remain in good academic standing. Refer to HOP policy 04-102 (PDF) for details on academic probation, suspension and eligibility for reinstatement.

Undergraduate students: Summer term is an opportunity to improve your GPA and your academic standing. If your summer term GPA is below 2.0, you will not be placed on academic suspension. Instead, your academic standing will be carried over from the spring term.

Academic standing response to COVID-19:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SFA suspended academic standing penalties during the spring, summer and fall 2020 terms for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students. The HOP policy 04-102 (PDF) was reinstated spring 2021.


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