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Mast Student Investment Roundtable


Managing a $870,000+ equity portfolio, gain course credit while learning how to invest!

(Portfolio amount as of March 2023)

The goal of the Mast Student Investment Roundtable is to outperform the returns of the S&P 500 index. In seeking to achieve this goal, Roundtable members focus on asset allocation and stock selection by increasing assets, compared to the S&P 500, to high performing sectors and decreasing assets to low performing sectors, and selecting the best performing stocks within each sector.

Individual stock assignment

Each student is assigned a stock from the existing Mast Student Investment Roundtable Fund and is responsible for the detailed monitoring of the stock throughout the semester. The students give updates during each class meeting on the current events and activities affecting their firm.

The analyst interprets these events and activities in order to make recommendations to the class regarding the holding.

Market sector groups

The class is divided into market sector groups (energy, financials, utilities, etc.), that are responsible for researching and analyzing their specific sector. They provide periodic reports that outline overall trends, recent developments and specific stock recommendations. Each member of the class also is responsible for researching a new stock within their sector that may be added to the portfolio.

The analyst prepares a written report and makes an oral presentation to the class at which time the class votes on the purchase recommendation of the analyst. For continuity, each analyst submits executive summaries briefing the reasons for specific buys/sells during the semester to be passed on to the next class.

Professionals from the industry

Each semester distinguished members of the investments community visit the Roundtable to provide students with professional advice regarding investment strategies and current conditions of the financial markets.

Presenting investment decisions

Every three months the Roundtable members meet with the SFA Alumni Foundation to offer details of their decision making process and investment results for the quarter.

Eligibility and how to apply

This course is available to upperclassmen who have completed the prerequisite course, Introduction to Investments, ensuring an understanding of financial concepts and modern portfolio theory.

Students may file an application for admittance into the Mast Student Investment Roundtable during the middle of the fall and spring semesters by contacting Dr. Kyle Jones at

Contact the Department of Economics and Finance

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13009, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

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