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JacksTeach is a program that prepares students to earn a secondary science or mathematics teaching certification while pursuing a four-year science or mathematics degree with no additional semesters required to graduate.

With an immersive curriculum geared toward STEM education, JacksTeach prepares students for a variety of career options, including teaching, business, industry or continued study alongside a master teacher.

“We have a strong sense of community in the JacksTeach program among the mathematics and science majors who are working towards difference-making careers in teaching,” said Dr. Jane Long, professor of mathematics and program director of JacksTeach. “Our faculty and staff form a team that supports students and gives them meaningful experiences that prepare them to make an impact in their classrooms and communities.”

JacksTeach is funded by The Greater Texas Foundation, the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and the James I. Perkins Family Foundation.


Staff Directory

Physical Address:
Bush Mathematical Sciences Building
Suite 103

JacksTeach is a replication site of UTeach, a nationally recognized STEM teacher preparation program.