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STEM teacher preparation program

JacksTeach is a program that prepares you to earn a secondary science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching certification at the same time you are pursuing a four-year science or math degree with no additional semesters required to graduate.

Immersing you in a curriculum geared toward STEM education and connecting you with master teachers, JacksTeach ensures you graduate prepared for a variety of career options, including teaching, business, industry or continued study.

"Our focus is on the support of JacksTeach students as they navigate through their own education to a career in teaching," said Dr. Lesa Beverly, professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. "We will provide mentoring and encourage a strong sense of community among the JacksTeach students while they are at SFA and after they enter their own classrooms."

Dedicated to learning about learning

Whether you are interested in STEM teaching or unsure if it is the career for you, JacksTeach provides the opportunity to explore the possibilities.

  • Earn your science or mathematics degree and prepare to earn a secondary teacher certification simultaneously.
    • Approved certificate areas include chemistry (grades 7-12), life science (grades 7-12), mathematics (grades 7-12) and physical science (grades 6-12).
  • Work closely with experienced STEM faculty and master teachers.
  • Be part of a STEM community dedicated to learning about learning.
  • Inspire students to pursue STEM.
  • Facilitate hands-on STEM learning while invoking student curiosity.
  • Develop résumé-strengthening skills.

Who can participate?

Step 1 and Step 2 are open to all STEM majors. We encourage students who are undecided, but curious about teaching, to visit with JacksTeach co-directors or master teachers.

Course details

JacksTeach Standards Alignment

Exploratory Courses

In the one-hour Step 1 course, students learn how to write effective lesson plans. Engaging, inquiry-based lessons in science and math will be modeled and practiced. Students will present three lessons within an upper elementary classroom.

During Step 2, students continue to develop their lesson planning skills while integrating technology in this one-hour course. Three lessons will be taught in a middle school math or science classroom.

Each class meets once per week with no exams, quizzes or finals required.


Scholarships are provided to all students who successfully complete Step 1 and Step 2 courses with a B or better. You may explore teaching through these courses and earn your scholarship(s) without making a long-term commitment.

Additional scholarships and internships are possible for those continuing through the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider becoming a STEM teacher?

Pursuing a teaching certification simultaneously with a four-year degree provides career options, enhances leadership and communication skills, and helps strengthen résumé content.

What are the benefits of being a teacher?

STEM educators are in high demand and often earn extra stipends. Their work and vacation schedules are family friendly. Teachers are essential – so they will always have a job. Plus, teachers have highly rewarding and satisfying jobs.

What are the overall added costs for completing the program?

JacksTeach coursework can be applied toward the 120 semester credit hours required for your degree. All teaching materials are supplied by the JacksTeach program, so no additional costs are incurred.

JacksTeach participation qualifies you for a number of financial incentives, including end of semester scholarships for completion of Step 1 and Step 2 with a grade of B or higher.

Additional scholarships and internships are possible for those continuing through the program.

JacksTeach grant funding covers all costs related to teacher certification fees.

JacksTeach is funded by The Greater Texas Foundation, the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and the James I. Perkins Family Foundation.


Staff Directory

Physical Address:
Bush Mathematical Sciences Building
Suite 103

JacksTeach is a replication site of UTeach, a nationally recognized STEM teacher preparation program.