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Mentor Teacher FAQ

Why mentor teachers?

JacksTeach depends on experienced elementary, middle school and high school teachers acting as mentors to our students during field experiences. Mentor teachers open their classrooms to teams of two to three JacksTeach students, offering guidance and support as they begin to learn about classroom teaching.

Who are JacksTeach students?

The students who will teach in your classroom will be SFA undergraduates who are just beginning to explore teaching as a career. They receive ongoing instruction in lesson design, classroom management, and science and mathematics content, but they are not yet student teachers. Their final decision to pursue teaching as a career will be influenced to a great extent by their field experiences in Step 1 and Step 2, the first two courses in the JacksTeach program.

What are my responsibilities as a mentor teacher?

For Step 1 and Step 2 classes, you provide supervision and coaching/evaluation of lessons taught by JacksTeach students. Mentor teachers communicate (via email or phone) with the teaching team during the lesson planning process; provide feedback on the teaching team’s written lesson plans; assume primary responsibility for classroom management; provide assistance to JacksTeach students during group activities; and complete short reviews of their performance at the end of each lesson and a more thorough summary at the completion of their three lessons.

How are students scheduled into my classroom?

Your school district and principal will need to agree to allow JacksTeach students to teach in your classroom during your regularly scheduled mathematics or science periods. You will provide JacksTeach course instructors your preferred days/times/class periods for hosting a JacksTeach student team. The instructor will then select a team of two to three students whose schedules match your own.

How will I benefit as a mentor teacher?

A stipend will be awarded to you by the JacksTeach program once the semester’s work with your student team(s) has been completed. Beyond the remuneration, your students will be exposed to inquiry-based math/science lesson plans taught by STEM undergraduates. Additionally, you will receive the satisfaction of preparing future teachers in a program that is receiving national attention.

JacksTeach is funded by The Greater Texas Foundation, the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and the James I. Perkins Family Foundation.


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JacksTeach is a replication site of UTeach, a nationally recognized STEM teacher preparation program.