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Earn free summer housing

If you stay on campus at SFA this summer, you could earn credit equal to the cost of summer housing applied to your fall housing costs! Qualifying students will receive the Summer Housing Rebate as a credit in the amount of the combined total of all summer sessions lived on campus up to the amount of your fall housing charge.

Criteria to qualify for Summer Housing Rebate

  • Reside in a residence hall during the preceding spring semester
  • Complete at least nine hours during a combination of any of the summer parts of term
  • Live on campus during the following fall semester
  • Submit the online request before the deadline of May 1

To be eligible to receive the Summer Housing Rebate, all requirements above must be met.

How to apply

  1. Log in to mySFA.
  2. Select the "Campus Life" tab.
  3. Locate the "Residence Life" block.
  4. Select the link to the Summer Housing Rebate Request Form.

The deadline to apply is May 1.

You will be notified within the first few weeks of the fall semester if you have met the qualifications needed to receive the rebate.

Note: The Summer Housing Rebate amount cannot exceed the amount of the student’s fall housing charge and is not eligible to be received as a refund. Additionally, the rebate will only be applied to the housing cost on your eBill and cannot be applied to any other charges.

Affordable summertime living: Summer 2021

On-campus housing is available during the summer parts of term in Hall 20 and Lumberjack Village. Housing for Jacks PASS students is in Steen Hall.

Log in to mySFA to make your request.

May 15 to Aug. 7 Rate / Part of Term
Hall 20 $1,825
Lumberjack Village $2,415
June 26 to Aug. 7 (Jacks PASS) Rate / Part of Term
Steen Hall $721

The rates listed above are for summer occupancy May 15 through Aug. 7. The full rate will be applied to the student's eBill. Students who check in after the summer halls open on May 15 or check out before the halls close will have their bills adjusted accordingly.

Other expenses

Make sure you budget for these other room and board expenses:


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