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Project Raices/Proyecto RaicesReaching All Individuals & Communities to Establish Success in Language Learning

Second Language Acquisition Facts

  • Over 120 languages
    spoken in Texas
    public schools
  • In 2021,
    approximately one in five
    Texas students in
    grades 3-12 were
    emergent bilingual
  • Over 20% of
    students in NISD
    and LISD are
    learning English
    as a second language.
  • Over 90% of
    emergent bilingual
    students in NISD
    and LISD speak Spanish
    as their first
  • 19.6% of
    public school
    students in Texas
    are classified as
    English language
  • Texas has the
    highest percentage
    of English
    language learners
    in the country.
  • Spanish is the
    home language of
    3.9 million
    English language
    students in public
    schools around
    the country.
  • Children develop language
    optimally when parents
    talk to them in
    a language in
    which the parents
    are proficient
    and fluent
  • Early childhood is
    a critical period
    for development of
    a first language,
    yet a second
    language can be
    undertaken at any age.
  • Research indicates that
    when children are reared
    in high quality
    multilingual environments,
    they experience
    cognitive, social
    and economic benefits.
  • Researchers have
    consistently found that
    young multilingual
    children exhibit better
    executive functions,
    such as attention
    and memory.
  • Teachers play a
    key role in
    creating an inviting
    environment where
    families, culture and
    language are respected
    in the classroom.

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