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Policies from the Handbook of Operating Procedures

Good Samaritan protocol

Alcohol poisoning and other drug-related emergencies can be life threatening. It is imperative you call 911 if you find yourself or a friend experiencing a drug-related emergency, including:

  • having too much to drink
  • having an adverse reaction to a drug
  • or sustaining a head injury while drinking or using drugs.

SFA's Good Samaritan protocol provides limited immunity to students who sought appropriate help during a drug-related emergency.

When a student is granted Good Samaritan status by the Dean of Students or designee, they're provided educational assignments to complete after the incident.

Upon completion of requirements, the incident is noted on their student record, but it is not included on their disciplinary history or their transcript. There is no disclosure of the incident outside of SFA without written permission from the student or unless required by law.

View complete details of the Good Samaritan Protocol.


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