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Take your studies to the next level... earn a master's degree in Hispanic studies

The Department of Languages, Culture and Communication offers a Master of Arts in Hispanic studies that will enhance your career options or equip you with the research skills and advanced knowledge you’ll need to enter a doctoral program.

The Master of Arts in Hispanic studies is offered in a traditional face-to-face seminar, as well as through Zoom for students living in other parts of the world.

SFA’s Master of Arts in Hispanic studies is a great option if you are interested in furthering your knowledge and understanding of Spanish language and literature and Hispanic culture. Students in the program receive personalized, in-depth instruction in Hispanic linguistic, historical, cultural and literary studies.  

The Hispanic studies program focuses primarily on Latin American linguistics, literature, art and culture, as well as peninsular studies, Latin American, Francophone, Portuguese and Brazilian studies. We offer both thesis and nonthesis options, making this a practical choice for those who wish to continue their education or immediately apply the degree toward a career.  

A fluent advantage

A master’s degree in Hispanic studies offers a wealth of opportunities, whether you wish to pursue a doctorate or law degree, or you want to add a specialty to your current career. The cultural knowledge you acquire at SFA provides a stepping stone to a variety of career paths, including:

  • Education
  • Educational administration
  • Foreign news correspondent
  • Government
  • Immigrant assistance
  • International business
  • Law
  • Management
  • Medical and legal interpretation
  • Medicine
  • Nonprofit leadership
  • Politics

Convenient distance-learning options

If you live outside the Nacogdoches area and are interested in earning your Master of Arts in Hispanic studies from SFA, we have a number of distance learning opportunities available each semester through use of real-time web video.  

The distance education component must be approved by the modern languages' department chair upon acceptance into the program, before beginning coursework. Students who live out of state or out of the country may be eligible for distance education tuition. Students who attend the program at SFA are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships.

Master of Arts in Hispanic studies 

  • The Master of Arts in Hispanic studies offers thesis and nonthesis tracks. The thesis option is encouraged for those who plan to pursue a doctoral degree and contains 12 hours of required coursework, a total of 12 elective hours, and six credit hours for thesis research, writing and defense.

  • The nonthesis option includes a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of graduate work. Requirements include 12 hours of required coursework and a total of 24 elective hours.

Hispanic studies admission requirements

Applicants for the Master of Arts in Hispanic studies must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Latin American Studies or related field, with a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • A total of 12 hours of advanced undergraduate work (300-level or above) completed in Spanish to document academic proficiency in the language
  • Two letters of recommendation from former professors

Students who do not meet minimum requirements of the program may be admitted on a provisional basis under the guidance of the program's graduate advisor. 

To learn more about the graduate program in Hispanic studies, contact Dr. José Neftalí Recinos at



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