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SFA languages clubs

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Getting involved

Looking for ways to learn about a new culture? Interested in practicing your foreign language skills outside the classroom? Want to improve your public speaking skills? Our clubs and “conversation tables” will provide plenty of opportunities.

For more information about relevant clubs and organizations, you can contact your faculty advisor to find the best fit for your interests. 


The Linguistics Club is a perfect group for students whose passions are connected to language studies and sciences. To find out more, contact Dr. Jessica Sams at

Language clubs

Want to brush up on your language skills or learn more about another culture? SFA’s language clubs are a great way to get involved, meet people and enhance your language studies:

  • French Club
  • German Club
  • Spanish Club

Conversation tables

In addition to clubs, SFA’s Modern Languages Program hosts weekly “conversation tables,” where you can practice your language skills in a friendly, no-pressure environment. SFA’s language tables meet weekly at local restaurants and coffee shops and are open to SFA students and community members:

  • French Conversation Table
  • German Conversation Table
  • Portuguese Conversation Table
  • Spanish Conversation Table


Build your critical-thinking, public-speaking and rhetorical skills as a member of SFA’s debate team. The team competes at college-level debate tournaments around the country and has won six national championships in the International Public Debate Association circuit. 

To learn more about academic requirements for participating in debate tournaments, contact your faculty advisor.



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