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Medical humanities is an interdisciplinary major that fuses humanities and sciences to provide a holistic understanding of health, wellness, illness and care. Through a rich, humanistic background integrated with a scientific knowledge base, students examine the questions related to health care through multiple disciplinary lenses. The program emphasizes the study of the human condition, dignity, ethics and sociocultural context for health care and health policy. Students considering careers in public health, patient advocacy, medical law, medical patent law and other health-related professions should consider a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in medical humanities.

The medical humanities degree requires the following courses plus an additional 18 hours from an approved list of electives:

  • Culture of Health and Medicine
  • General Psychology
  • Health Communication
  • Health Psychology
  • Introduction to Medical Humanities
  • Medical Ethics
  • Medical Sociology
  • Medical Terminology

Elective choices range from philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, health sciences, religious studies, languages, communication studies and more!

Students in the medical humanities program are required to complete a combined sciences minor through the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

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