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Languages for all careers

SFA’s modern languages program helps students acquire additional languages through literary study, cultural exploration and technological application. Our experienced faculty members offer individual guidance and provide engaging classroom study for students at all levels, from beginner to fluent.

A skill with global appeal

A modern languages degree offers you the ability to experience the world, whether you choose to stay close to home or pursue a career abroad. Interpreters and translators are two of the fastest growing occupations in the United States, and job candidates who speak multiple languages are highly valued in today’s multicultural workplace.

You can put your modern languages degree to work for you in a variety of fields and specializations. Become a language analyst for an intelligence agency, a foreign market consultant for a Fortune 500 company or a translator for an area hospital. This versatile degree gives you the unique ability to choose your path.

From bilingual to multilingual

Expand your horizon even further by pursuing a modern language dual track. For students who come to SFA with a strong background in one foreign language, this program offers an excellent opportunity to earn a degree in two languages in the same timeframe it takes others to receive a degree in one!

Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages

In addition to core university requirements, this degree requires one of the following concentrations:

For more information on course offerings, talk to your advisor.

Minor in Modern Languages

To learn more about the requirements of this program, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin or discuss with your advisor.



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