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The leadership minor at SFA prepares students to be leaders through real-world experiences in the local community. The overall objective is to provide students with an understanding of leadership models used in organizations while better preparing them for leading through change, establishing vision and coordinating in a diverse and growing global population. 

Career Opportunities

The leadership minor provides students with a practical and theoretical understanding for careers in such fields as academic services, business, education, human services, management, military science, organizational and public communication, political science, and public administration.

Purpose and Course Work

This minor engages students with different perspectives and principles of leadership to provide greater analytical skills to assess and match the complexity of organizational life. Students examine leadership practices across a variety of disciplines. Each perspective will provide students with a core set of ideas and experiences that will assist them in leading organizations in a global community. Students will gain an appreciation for differences while learning how to solve problems creatively and how to work in teams.

The leadership minor compliments a wide variety of degrees and is available to any student pursuing an undergraduate degree at SFA. To successfully attain the minor, students must complete 18 hours of interdisciplinary coursework – nine hours of core classes and nine hours of electives.



Department of Languages, Cultures and Communication

Dugas Liberal Arts North 
Room 235

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13042, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962