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Accommodation notifications are sent to instructors at the request of the student and must be renewed each semester for each individual course. Students are responsible for initiating the process to send Faculty Notification Letters (accommodation requests) to their course instructors through the online student portal, AIM

Students are encouraged to submit these requests prior to the beginning of each semester to give faculty advance notice of accommodation needs. Disability Services will email registered students once the semester accommodation module is open in AIM. The student will select each class to send requests to and select accommodations needed for each class. Please review each course carefully to determine the most appropriate services needed for the course type. Once the requests are submitted, they will be reviewed and scheduled for email to the instructor. Students will receive a copy of each course notification via email for confirmation.

Even if students are not sure that the accommodations will be needed in a currently enrolled class, it is recommended that the notifications are sent to faculty in case the student experiences any unforeseen difficulties. 

Once the Faculty Notification Letters have been sent to faculty, students should set up a time to meet with each instructor to confirm receipt of the notification letter and to discuss how the accommodations will be implemented in that specific course and talk through any specific questions or concerns.