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Lumberjack Pride

SFA Bonfire

Traditions & Spirit

You can read more about these and other traditions in the Centennial issue of Sawdust Magazine.

Lumberjacks bleed purple

At SFA, our school pride and deep-seated traditions aren't just about sports — they're part of an experience that unites every student on campus and brings alumni back to Nacogdoches every year to participate in Homecoming and other traditions.

Homecoming Bonfire

Homecoming is a favorite tradition among current and former students alike. Each fall, SFA alumni gather at their old stomping ground in Nacogdoches, ready to immerse themselves in Lumberjack traditions and mingle with current students. To celebrate Lumberjack pride, student leaders light the Homecoming Bonfire the night before the Homecoming Game.

From our giant Homecoming Bonfire and concert to the Homecoming Parade, there's so much to do that it may take you all four years to do it all. 

Other Homecoming traditions

SFA hosts a pep rally, concert and fireworks display at the intramural fields on the day before the Homecoming Game. The next morning, a parade featuring floats by community groups and student organizations travels down the brick streets of downtown. Alumni, students, faculty, staff and area residents are all welcome to participate.

Class rings and "The Big Dip"

After earning a minimum of 60 hours, students are eligible to purchase their SFA ring. Lumberjacks receive their class rings in a ceremony called the Big Dip. During the ceremony, which is one of SFA’s most significant traditions, participants receive their ring and then dip their right hand into a vat of purple dye and water from the Stephen F. Austin fountain in the heart of campus. The act symbolizes the student's full immersion into the life and traditions of SFA. "Dip" stands for Dipped In Pride. While the dye is temporary, your class ring and your Lumberjack pride last a lifetime.


AXEperience is a student-run group that promotes our rich history and traditions. They plan various events and rallies, and, along with the SFA Alumni Association, Campus Recreation and SFA Athletics, they organize SFA's Homecoming each year. Any current student can apply for membership and help fellow students achieve the full Lumberjack experience.