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Diploma Information

The Faculty and Staff at Stephen F. Austin State University congratulates its graduates on their academic achievement!

SFA Diplomas

An SFA diploma bears the graduate's name, graduation date, degree (with Honors if earned), and the university's seal and signatures. Though it lists full degrees (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy), majors are not printed on the diploma. This practice was established with the first printing of SFA diplomas in 1925. The Office of the Registrar occasionally polls universities in Texas and the United States on whether or not the major is printed on the diploma. Polls consistently indicate approximately half of the respondents exclude printing a student's major on the diploma.

Information for Additional Majors

Receiving Diplomas

Ordering Additional/Replacement Diplomas

SFA accepts requests for additional/replacement diplomas after the conferral of the degree to the transcript. Forms of payment accepted are debit/credit card, cash, or money order. Required for all orders will be a copy of a valid picture ID and a physical signature (no electronic signature accepted).

Diploma Notarization


I owe SFA money. Will my diploma still be mailed?
Yes, the diploma will be mailed, but a "transcript hold" will be placed on the graduate's account.
My diploma was received damaged. What do I do?
A damaged diploma may be returned to the Office of the Registrar (see label on diploma tube for return address) for a free replacement. Include a note stating why the diploma is being returned and a valid address if the mailing address has changed.
How do I get an apostille on my diploma to work overseas?
  • Order a replacement diploma and indicate "YES" when asked if notarization is needed. The university's notary statement satisfies the requirements of the Texas Secretary of State Authentications Unit for the apostille process.
  • Send the notarized diploma to the Texas Secretary of State for the apostille statement.
  • If the Office of the Registrar will be responsible for sending the diploma to the Texas Secretary of State, include the following items:
    • Paperwork required by the Texas Secretary of State
    • Payment
    • Self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the diploma
      • Envelope size depends on whether the diploma can be folded.
      • Current diploma size: 11 in. x 14 in.