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Dropped Courses / Withdrawal


If you anticipate a change in enrollment status or are considering withdrawing from the university, we recommend you first consult with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for a preliminary assessment of what costs may be incurred by adjusting your enrollment status or withdrawing.

Enrollment requirements for students receiving aid

If you receive financial aid, remember that a change in your enrollment status may result in a reduction or cancelation of your financial assistance. Speak with your financial aid advisor to discuss the risks of losing current and/or future aid. Visit financial aid's enrollment requirements section to learn more.

How to drop or withdraw

Visit the Office of the Registrar's drop/withdraw page to learn more.

Students called to active duty

If a student’s registration is cancelled because they are called to active duty, they will be treated as not being enrolled for the term they are called to active duty. This may impact their eligibility for federal student aid. Similarly, if a student dies during the term, the registration for that term is cancelled, and financial aid may be returned based on the federal return of funds guidelines. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Refunds for dropped courses or withdrawals

Tuition and fee refunds for withdrawals and dropped courses are computed differently than the federal return of federal aid calculations. Visit the Dates and Deadlines webpage for the term in which you're seeking refund deadline information.

Account balances, returns and payments

It's your responsibility to ensure that all amounts due SFA are paid in a timely manner.

Refunds are processed by SFA automatically and issued based on the amounts due to you at the time of the refund. In some cases, a refund is issued and subsequently a balance is created in your account. If this occurs, or if you receive funds for which it's later determined that you're ineligible to receive, you must repay those amounts to SFA in accordance with HOP policy 05-210 (PDF), including any applicable penalties and late fees.

Any amounts not repaid may result in collection agency costs, including but not limited to any expenses, court costs, collection costs, collection agency fees and any relief to which SFA may be entitled.



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