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The State of Texas does not provide funds to higher education institutions for excess semester credit hours attempted by a resident undergraduate student. Therefore, as permitted by state law, SFA will charge resident-tuition paying students who exceed the maximum semester credit hour limit (listed below) required for completion of their degree plan an additional $200 per semester credit hour.

Initial enrollment in a Texas higher education public institution and the maximum credit hours are:

  • prior to fall 1999: No maximum
  • fall 1999 to summer 2006: 45 hours
  • and fall 2006 to present: 30 hours

Established by The University of Texas System Board of Regents, this additional tuition rate, will be charged beginning with the term after the student reaches the maximum number of credit hours attempted in excess of the degree requirements.

If the student withdraws from all classes before the census date, the full amount of the additional tuition charge for excessive hours will be removed. Other tuition and fees will be adjusted in accordance with the university’s withdrawal refund schedule.


Attempted hours that don't count toward the limit are semester credit hours that are:

  • earned before receiving a bachelor's degree that was previously awarded
  • earned through examination or other procedure where credit is earned without registering for a course in which tuition is charged
  • for courses that don't generate academic credit that could apply toward an SFA degree, including:
    • remedial education courses
    • technical courses
    • workforce education courses funded according to contact hours
  • earned at a private or out-of-state institution
  • dual credit
  • or not eligible for formula funding.


Note: Students who are subject to both Excessive Undergraduate Credit Hours and the 3-Peat Tuition will not be penalized twice. They will only pay an additional $200 per semester credit hour for those courses.

Cross Reference
Texas Education Code Sec. 54.014 and 61.0595

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