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A distinctive educational path 

SFA’s Bachelor of Science in general studies offers a unique degree program for students whose educational and professional interests may not correlate with traditional academic majors. 

The Bachelor of Science in general studies lets you create your own path of study around a coherent theme consistent with your individual interests, talents and goals. Students can custom design a degree plan composed of three areas of study (minors) that are logically, academically and professionally integrated.

Integrate family studies, psychology and sociology for a multifaceted understanding of the family unit. Combine general business, biology and communication to consider health business and communication. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and career goals.  

Prepare for a role in the global community

A Bachelor of Science in general studies degree broadens your academic horizons and prepares you to help solve complex challenges as a modern global citizen. Your degree gives you the advantage of multiple perspectives gained from a solid foundation in three disciplines. The critical thinking, analytical, communication and problem-solving skills you’ll develop across disciplines are valuable assets in any professional career.

The Bachelor of Science in general studies is a customized major. All students must arrange for an appointment with Mr. Billy Harris in order to declare this major.


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