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Develop a global perspective

More than ever before, we live in a globalized world. The purpose of the international studies program is to promote a greater awareness of the shape and importance of international affairs in the contemporary world.

Central to the international studies program is the belief that educated citizens need to understand the trends that are transforming 21st century global relations. As the world's cultures, businesses, labor forces, financial structures, political institutions and media become more interconnected, we need to redefine our basic notions of citizenship, community and nation. 

A minor in international studies helps you develop a global perspective. With an interdisciplinary approach to issues of vital concern in the world economy, the international studies program will help you understand and participate effectively in the age of globalization.

Career opportunities spanning the globe

Careers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors demand professionals who understand the world’s interdependence. Students with international studies backgrounds can find meaningful work in areas including international business, government, nonprofit and consulting. 

Your minor in international studies helps prepare you to solve problems in diplomacy, defense and development work. You can make a contribution in international law or human rights. You can also help companies in a wide range of industries improve their international business operations. You can help build organizational capacity through international education and cross-cultural training.

With an understanding of our interconnected world, you can make a difference.

Build your foreign language competence

A minor in international studies also gives you the opportunity to develop another critical skill for the 21st century world: proficiency in a second language. The ability to speak a second language is a significant advantage. 

The minor program requires competence in a foreign language through the second semester, or the 132 level of study. This requirement is waived for students whose primary education was in a language other than English.

Minor in international studies

The international studies requires students to complete courses in cultural anthropology, world geography, international politics and principles of macroeconomics. Six hours of additional upper-level electives also are required and must be approved by your academic advisor.

Students can apply two courses from their first major to meet the international studies requirements.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.

See the list spring 2024 courses being offered for the international studies minor.


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