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An interdisciplinary minor for film lovers

Film studies is devoted to the analysis of cinema as one of the most important art forms of the 20th and 21st centuries – a medium shaped by related fields including literature, music and the visual arts. The film studies minor is interdisciplinary and focuses on film analysis and cinematic criticism. 

This minor will give you an understanding of film language, the evolution of cinema as an art form, the international dimensions of the medium and important film concepts including genre, auteurs, adaptation, film movements, themes and theory.

Preparation for a career in film and beyond

Want a career in the film industry? A film studies minor is the ideal foundation. Your knowledge of film history, theory and criticism is also great preparation for jobs in many related fields. Students of film studies find meaningful careers as publicity coordinators, filmmakers, critics, entertainment lawyers, actors and more.  

Minor in film studies

The film studies minor requires 21 credit hours in courses such as genre and auteur, and introduction to narrative film from the Department of English; history of cinema from the School of Theatre; and art film/video production from the School of Art.

The director of the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs must approve additional elective courses and substitutions for required courses.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.

See the list of spring 2024 courses being offered for the film studies minor.


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