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Religious Studies

Religious Studies


Minor in the world's major religions

Why does religion play such an influential, and often polarizing, role in social and cultural conflict? In what ways do the beliefs and practices of different religious traditions shape personal identity and behavior? How do religions help individuals address their most fundamental emotional and intellectual needs?

Whether students have deep religious convictions or reject religion altogether, the minor in religious studies will help them gain new perspectives on their own culture as well as cultural traditions from around the world. As an interdisciplinary program, the religious studies minor helps students understand the complex interplay between religion and other spheres of human activity, such as art, music, literature and politics.   

The religious studies minor complements majors in a wide variety of disciplines and provides an excellent foundation for a wide array of careers requiring sensitivity to personal belief systems and cultural practices.​

Broad exposure for a path to many careers

In addition to career opportunities in religious vocations, a minor in religious studies gives you excellent preparation for work in law, medicine, business or counseling. The exposure to different cultural traditions makes you well-suited to make a meaningful contribution in education, government, industry or nonprofit organizations.

Minor in religious studies

The religious studies minor combines philosophy of religion and sociology of religion with elective courses that have a significant focus in religion, such as magic and the supernatural or science vs. religion.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.

See the list spring 2024 courses being offered for the religious studies minor.


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