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Celebrating 100 years

Hundreds of past, present and future Lumberjacks as well as Nacogdoches community members celebrated SFA's centennial in a four-day bash Sept. 15-18.

A vintage black and white photo is held in front of the modern-day Austin building

Now, relive the festivities through our online repository of photos and video from the weekend and check back for more additions!

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SFA Centennial Conversations

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our video series #SFACentennialConversations, where we'll share cherished memories and incredible tales from Lumberjacks past and present. They'll share personal stories, anecdotes and experiences from their time at SFA that have left a lasting impact on their lives.

This unique series features never-before-seen footage captured during our centennial celebrations, giving you a glimpse of the rich history and traditions that have shaped SFA into the incredible institution it is today.

We will share installments throughout the coming months and encourage you to listen, engage, and share your own SFA memories.

Gina Oglesbee

Dr. Travis Mast

Dr. Nancy W. Dickey

Bob Williams

Dr. Steve Westbrook

Dr. William R. Johnson

Homecoming 2023

The SFA centennial homecoming concert presented by Student Activities Association

SFA's annual Homecoming takes place Oct. 16-21 and is a weeklong celebration for all students and alumni!

Activities include a concert, bonfire, fireworks, downtown parade, 5K race, Homecoming Court elections, football game, tailgating and much more.

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100,000 Service Hours for 100 Years

Illustration of the number 100 with an inset of pine trees

SFA students, faculty, staff and alumni gave back to the community and competed for the top spot in service hours!

    Students: 111,994 hours
    Alumni: 5,727 hours
    Faculty and staff: 1,978 hours

Take Root

We're planting 100 pine trees across the SFA campus during our centennial celebration!

Learn how you can designate a tree for a person or an organization.

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Fly the Flag

Own your own piece of SFA history and celebrate the university’s 100 years with this one-of-a-kind SFA Centennial flag! At 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide, the flag lets you display your Lumberjack spirit with pride.

Get Your SFA Centennial Flag

S F A Centennial Flag

Deck Out Your Display

Adorn your computer desktop with one of these iconic SFA backgrounds!

Centennial Design Competition Winners

Past, present and future Lumberjacks participated in the centennial design competition for a chance to see their creations come to life on official SFA centennial merchandise. When available, mock-ups of the merchandise featuring the winning designs will be posted, along with a link for those who would like to make a purchase.

  • Children category winner, colored by 10-year-old Emma Villafranco and showing '100' behind the SFA spirit logo

    Children category winner

    10-year-old Emma Villafranco, daughter of alumni Enrique Villafranco and Erika Rangel Villafranco

  • Teen category winner, colored by 16-year-old Leah Fox and showing '100' behind the SFA spirit logo

    Teen category winner

    16-year-old Leah Fox, daughter of alumni Matthew and Gina Fox

  • Adult category winner, colored by Savannah Walker and showing '100' behind the SFA spirit logo

    Adult category winner

    Savannah Walker '19

Campus Colors

Whether you're coloring inside or outside of the lines, everyone has a unique Lumberjack story. Channel your artistic side and tag us on social media @SFASU for a chance to be featured during our centennial year.

  • coloring page preview showing '100' behind the SFA spirit logo

    Show us what SFA means to you!

    Be featured! Fill the 100 with things that tell your Lumberjack story and tag us on social media @SFASU.


  • coloring page preview showing the Austin Building

    Celebrating 100 Years!

  • coloring page preview showing two lumberjacks giving the "axe 'em" hand sign

    Axe 'Em!

  • coloring page preview showing the Surfin' Steve statue with balloons and campus landmarks

    Surfin' SFA!

  • coloring page preview showing Twiggy the squirrel with a pinecone

    Twiggy in the Pines!

As years unfold at SFA