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The Hazardous Waste Program describes the proper procedures for preparing hazardous waste for storage and disposal as regulated under the law. Please contact the safety department for additional information and help regarding your hazardous waste (936.468.6034). The cooperation of every member of the SFA community is essential in ensuring safety and compliance regarding hazardous waste.

All laboratory professors need to fill out a Hazardous Waste Determination Form before all labs over the semester. Please fill out the form and submit to the safety office.

Learn more about EPA requirements and identification of hazardous waste.

For assistance completing the form or for any questions, feel free to contact:

Greg Moore

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol spray cans, used spray paint cans and other similar spray cans, either used or unused, cannot be disposed in regular trash.

The safety office utilizes an Environmental Protection Agency-approved aerosol can disposal machine, which is the only approved method of disposal for spray cans at SFA.

Please contact the safety office at 936.468.6034 for disposal instructions and relevant training.

Hazardous Waste Forms and Materials


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