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Our Mission

Fulfilling educational philosophies and protecting facility assets are important priorities of Stephen F. Austin State University. Institutional planning, with an emphasis placed on practical approaches to problem solving and risk control, are standards commonly adhered to in a university environment. The benefit is a reduction in the total cost of risk. Additionally, the university is a safer place for employees, students and the public to work, study and congregate.

Risk Management works with university departments in a proactive manner, assisting them in identifying and assessing the risks that are unique to them. Once these risks have been identified, we evaluate the most responsible and cost-effective strategies for mitigating them. The risk management techniques we use include any combination of risk prevention, risk acceptance, risk avoidance or risk transfer strategies.

The University of Texas System Office of Risk Management (ORM) is responsible for the procurement and administration of most insurance policies. SFA participates in or has access to a variety of insurance programs provided by the UT System, and the majority of insurance needs can be met through a UT System-wide policy. The purchase or renewal of any insurance policies must be approved by the UT System Office of Risk Management in accordance with the UT System Regents’ Rule (Rule 80601).

The University’s major insurance programs include the following:


Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management
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