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Dr. Veronica Beavers

Dr. Veronica Beavers
Executive Director

Welcome to Student Development and Access Services!

As executive director, I extend a heartfelt greeting to you. The mission of this pillar is clear: to ensure that every student not only accesses unparalleled educational opportunities but also undergoes holistic development throughout their academic journey.

At the core of this commitment is the belief in fostering a thriving university community where every individual is empowered to excel. Here, you are not just a student — you are a valued member of a community dedicated to your success.

Our services under Student Development and Access Services are designed to comprehensively support you in your academic and personal growth. Let's discuss the three main services within this area:

  • Office of Disability Services: Ensuring equal opportunities for all, Disability Services supports every student in thriving academically, regardless of ability. Our expert staff members are committed to providing a range of accommodations, personalized support plans and a welcoming environment fostering inclusivity.
  • Testing Services: Acknowledging that every examination is a crucial step toward educational and career aspirations, Testing Services is dedicated to offering students and community members opportunities for self-discovery. The dedicated team's primary goal is to guide individuals in relation to their academic and professional objectives.
  • Veterans Resource Center: For honored veterans transitioning into academic life, the Veterans Resource Center serves as a dedicated hub led by a team committed to providing tailored support and resources. It's a place where veterans, dependents of veterans and ROTC members can gather, socialize and build meaningful relationships. The mission is to create a supportive community at SFA. Within the VRC, opportunities abound to engage with veteran faculty, access benefits information, and form networks of support for a positive experience at SFA.

In addition, we provide valuable peer mentor academies. Offering valuable programs, such as the AXcel Mentoring Program and the Aspire summer bridge program, Peer Mentor Academies connect you with experienced mentors. The AXcel Mentoring Program provides guidance, encouragement and insights into navigating university life. The Aspire Program, supported by a committed team of student leaders, offers a transformative experience for incoming students, fostering connections and providing tools for a successful transition into university life. These mentorship programs are designed to empower students to overcome challenges, set goals and thrive academically.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration with the community, parents and family members, we understand that a student's journey is a collective endeavor involving various stakeholders. Your family's involvement is valued, and we are here to ensure they are informed and engaged in supporting your academic success.

As a team, we work tirelessly to develop and implement strategies that enhance each student’s university experience. Collaborating to provide a wealth of data, professional development and resources, we aim to remove barriers to success and promote equal access for all.

Feel free to explore the various facets of our services and take full advantage of the opportunities designed to help you thrive. Your journey here is not just about obtaining a degree — it's about discovering your potential, building lasting connections and preparing for a successful future.

Your voice matters. Student success is our top priority, and we are here to support you on your academic journey. Whether you have questions, suggestions or simply want to connect, don't hesitate to reach out. Welcome to a community where your growth and access to opportunities are of utmost importance.


Dr. Veronica Beavers
Executive Director
Student Development and Access Services 

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