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Welcome to our classroom demographics overview. Students enrolled in business courses range from those seeking a business degree, to students earning their business minor, to students who've chosen to further their degree in another field with a business elective.

The richness of our student body is something we seek to support with class offerings that Lumberjacks can apply to their future careers, regardless of major.

Fall 2023 classroom overview

SFA’s Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research collected the following data, which focuses on SFA students who were enrolled in a business class on the fall 2023 official reporting day. Percentages may not equal 100 due to rounding.

Graph Data

Texas Region

19.8% of undergraduate, 16.6% of graduate students are from Dallas. 34.1% undergraduate and 41.7% graduate students are from East Texas. 28.6% undergraduate and 16.6% graduate students are from Houston. 17.6% undergraduate and 25.2% graduate students are from elsewhere.
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Texas RegionUndergraduateGraduate
East Texas34.1%41.7%

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Age RangeUndergraduateGraduate
< 180.3%0.0%
51 >0.6%1.1%

Graph Data

First-Generation Status

Self-reported at the time of application.

37.6% of undergraduate and 30.3% of graduate students report they are first-generation. 48.4% of undergraduates and 42.3% of graduates report they are not. 14% of undergraduates and 27.4% of graduates did not respond.
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First-Generation StatusUndergraduateGraduate
First Generation37.6%30.3%
Not First Generation48.4%42.3%

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Undergraduate Reported Race/Ethnicity

0.7% American Indian or Alaskan Native, 1.5% Asian, 10.4% Black or African American, 21.7% Hispanic, 1.0% International, 0.1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 4.1% Two or More, 1.8% Unknown or Not Reported, 58.8% White
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Graduate Reported Race/Ethnicity

1.1% Asian, 6.3% Black or African American, 20.6% Hispanic, 9.1% International, 4%Two or More, 1.1% Unknown or Not Reported, 57.7% White
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Reported Race/EthnicityUndergraduateGraduate
American Indian or Alaskan Native0.7%0.0%
Black or African American10.4%6.3%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander0.1%0.0%
Two or More4.1%4.0%
Unknown or Not Reported1.8%1.1%


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