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Giving feedback in a face-to-face class can be simple: asking a quick question in the moment yields a reply that can be immediately corrected or commended while providing written comments on a graded paper provides detailed feedback and the opportunity to chat. You probably provide feedback face-to-face in dozens of other ways. How can such feedback exist in the online environment? And how can it be impactful? We offer some thoughts below. 

Written Feedback

Brightspace offers several ways to give feedback within the platform. From customizable rubrics to textboxes to enter feedback in the Dropbox and Quizzes tools, Brightspace offers ways to make feedback coincide with the numerical score. For more information on Brightspace feedback options, check out the following resources:

Brightspace Grades

Brightspace Rubrics

Video Feedback

Have you ever received an email and not been sure of the sender’s tone? What one individual perceives as direct, another can perceive as biting. Providing feedback via audio and/or video can eliminate the misperception of tone, allowing students to hear the inflection in your voice and know that your comments are delivered with care and compassion. The following resources can help you provide efficient video feedback:


Using the screen record option of Zoom, instructors can provide feedback on a student’s submission quickly and efficiently. For more information on how to use Zoom to record your screen, check out our Zoom page.  


ScreenPal allows users to record their screens (even including their own video in the window, if desired) and upload videos (to YouTube or or download the file. While ScreenPal can be used for free, its full features are available for about $20 a year. For more information, visit ScreenPal's website.

No matter what kind of feedback you choose, know that feedback is appreciated and relevant. Students see you as the expert, which you are, and although they do not always show it, your thoughtful engagement with their intellectual creations matters.