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Visuals Matter

Give the pages in your course a consistent look with our Brightspace page templates.

We live in an intensely visual world. A 2008 study revealed that, based on aesthetic factors, users make significant judgments about the content of a webpage in less than four seconds. But perhaps the most interesting finding of this study was that, regardless of how low a credibility rating was given to a webpage, some type of aesthetic treatment, or design improvement, increased the rating for the same content in 19 of 21 cases. In other words, when the same content is presented using different levels of aesthetic treatment, the content with a better design is judged as having higher credibility. Obviously, aesthetics alone do not create a credible webpage, but a higher level of aesthetic treatment increases the level of credibility. Taking time and effort to create content pages that benefit your students communicates to them that you not only care about the importance of the content, but that you care about them and want to ensure that they can understand and receive the information in the best way possible. Our Brightspace page templates take the design element out of the equation for you. They’re pre-built and ready to go with preset fonts, spacing and placeholders for your images and videos. They create a consistent look and feel for students, help with ADA compliance, and make course development just a little bit easier. Learn more about the functionality of the templates in our template overview video below:

If you’d like to use one of the pre-built page templates, you’ll need to tell us which banner you’d like to use. Review the list of available banners below.

Currently Available Custom Banners

Got your banner selected and ready to have a template loaded into a blank course? Just submit a DEV Shell Request Form, and our team will get those loaded for you!

Helpful Tips for Working in the Template

Basic Page Overview

Brightspace Templates: Loading Videos