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Opportunities for growth

As a student in SFA’s forestry and agriculture programs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out of the classroom and apply what you’ve learned. And if you’re passionate about plants, we invite you to dig into the transformative learning experiences, research projects and community events available through SFA’s diverse public gardens.

The public gardens comprise 128 acres of on-campus property, including:

Get involved

What makes SFA’s public gardens so amazing? Our students, of course, and the astonishing diversity of plant material in our collections. The gardens serve as a living laboratory for many SFA students, and as a welcoming greenspace for all students and community members, and features the Sculpture for All outdoor art exhibition.  

If you’re looking for a way to get involved with campus life, learn more about native and adapted plants, earn extra money, or build your resume, check out the many part-time student assistant opportunities available:

  • planting and maintaining landscapes and performing trail maintenance and tree care in the SFA Gardens
  • propagating, potting, and caring for plants in the greenhouse/nursery production facilities
  • and assisting with K-12 environmental educational programs, adult seminars and summer camps.

Volunteer opportunities are also available for students!


SFA Gardens

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