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Learn the business of agriculture

Interested in agriculture? Looking for a program of study that will prepare you for the family farm or big business? This unique degree program combines the Bachelor of Science in agriculture with a required minor in general business.

Agribusiness focuses on integrating technical knowledge with economic theory for decision making about the use of scarce productive resources to produce food and fiber and distribute them to society.

Career-focused curriculum

The agribusiness concentration will provide you with a deep understanding of production economics, agricultural finance, agricultural marketing, natural resource economics and farm management.

This emphasis on the business side of agriculture, combined with traditional agriculture coursework such as animal science, soil science, crop science, agricultural technology and more, will prepare you for a wide range of careers. Visit our Career Opportunities page to learn more!

Hands-on learning

At SFA, we believe that some of the most valuable educational experiences take place outside of the classroom. That’s why we provide our agribusiness students with opportunities to participate in transformative, hands-on learning experiences, including:

  • examining the management characteristics and marketability of agricultural production systems such as miniature and lowline cattle breeds
  • participating in community outreach events through the Todd Agricultural Research Center and SFA Gardens
  • and completing exciting internships with organizations such as the United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Development Office.

Undergraduate programs   

Bachelor of Science in agriculture, concentration in agribusiness

Students who pursue the agribusiness concentration gain a deep understanding of the economics, marketing and management side of agriculture, and they gain valuable hands-on experience through our partnerships with local agricultural businesses. This concentration will provide you with the combination of practical experience, real-world skills and classroom training you need to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

*See the Undergraduate Course Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.



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